Foodie Pups Enamel Pins Kickstarter!

We are almost there! A bit of info if you missed my earlier announcement about my Foodie Pups Enamel Pins Kickstarter:

I have 5 foodie pup designs that I’d love to get made (with a few more surprise designs ready to unlock after these first 5 pups). I recently asked my Facebook and Instagram readers what dog designs they’d like to see in enamel pins and these pups were the top 5. I already have 2 corgi pins (corgi and corg mermaid), but the people still want more corgis!

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Summer DIY Ideas for Bored Kids

We are a couple weeks in to our Summer break over here and I already have a “super bored” daughter. Obviously we can’t do something fun everyday, but we have managed a couple of crafting playdates with friends and then I’ll have a couple more project to do this month. I know I’m not the only mom with bored kids out there, so I collected a couple of DIYs I’ve made in the past that might just help you out this summer. I’m very excited to use those roasting sticks as soon as we get our fire pit!

Summer Fun Storage Bucket

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SMART BEAUTIFUL AMAZING Inspirational Mirror for the Kids DIY



Inspirational Mirror

My oldest daughter will be headed off to 3rd grade in the Fall. How did this happen? Wow. Time flies. Anywho. She’s an amazing kid, she’s smart, and she’s beautiful on the inside and out. Even though I see she’s one of the greatest humans I’ve ever met, she has things about her that she doesn’t like. I had NO IDEA it would start this early. I wish it would never start, but I went through all this while I was growing up. Insecurities. Not feeling like I fit in. All that. It’s here and I’m going to do my best to remind her that she is this inspiring little human that I love and adore. She’s kind. Funny. She’s an all around a great person.

All of this motivated me to create my SMART BEAUTIFUL AMAZING Inspirational Mirror. This mirror is in her room and anytime she views her reflection she will see these affirmations.

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FOODIE PUPS – A Series of Hard Enamel Pins

FOODIE PUPS - A Series of Hard Enamel Pins - Dogs Puppy

FOODIE PUPS – A Series of Hard Enamel Pins

I listened to what you guys had to say and now I’m ready to make more dog enamel pins for you! I had a hard time deciding which dog to start with, so I drew up 5 pups and started a Kickstarter campaign. I have 5 new designs to choose from in my Foodie Pups Series: Frenchie Vanilla Ice Cream, Boston Terrier Lollipup, Beagle Bagel, Bernese Cotton Candy Fluff, and a Corgi Loaf.

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DIY Flower Pom Pom – Using a Pom Pom Maker + a GIVEAWAY!

DIY Flower Pom Pom

The other week I saw someone using a pom pom maker and my mind was blown. I’ve heard of these gadgets, but I’ve never taken the time to really research them. In the past I’ve used a fork to make mini pom poms, but I have to tell you: this is 96% easier than using a fork. This whole pom pom maker business is new to me, but I’m catching on pretty quick. I’ve experimented a bit with the placement of the yarns and all that and that’s when this DIY Flower Pom Pom was created. It’s going to take me A LOT more practice to really get creative with these, but for now my oldest daughter and I are super excited to make about 50 of these flower pom poms for… some craft that we haven’t decided on yet. Do you want to make your own? See how I did it below with this super simple tutorial (comes with a video tutorial).


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Free Printable Funny Mother’s Day Card!

Free Printable Funny Mother's Day Card!

This week I’m sharing a Free Printable Funny Mother’s Day Card! Are you ready for Mother’s Day? No? Don’t worry. I have a free printable card for you. You guys can download the yellow card on the right and give to your mom. Just add flowers! When cut out and folded the size of this card will be A2 (4 1/4 x 5 1/2). I’ve provided cut lines and a fold line to help.

These cards are so simple to download. Just click on the following link and enjoy! Click here to download the fun Mother’s Day card for your mom.

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