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Got questions? I got answers.


How long have you been blogging?

I started blogging in Spring 2008. That original blog is no longer with us, but The Paper Mama blog has been hanging around since April 1st, 2010.

Was your kiddo named after Rory from the Gilmore Girls?

Yes she was!

Do you live in Oregon?


How old are you?


Do you really love fried chicken?

OMG. YES. Allllll the fried chicken for me.

Did you write a birth story?

Yup. It’s right here.

I emailed, and you never responded!

Yeah my inbox is scary. I get a ton of emails everyday and I haven’t mastered keeping it under control. I try my best to answer as many emails as I can, but sometimes they get lost. Tips for emailing me: be very clear what your email is about in the subject line, example: “DIY Submission Idea”. This helps me organize my emails to read, and this means I will respond faster (hopefully).

Where did “The Paper Mama” name come from?

Well… back in 2008 I started a blog: The Paper Lady. I mostly wrote about art and Etsy and whatever random thing came to mind. When my daughter was born I stopped updating that blog (cause tired, ha). When she turned 4 months old I needed some way to connect back with the world. Just randomly while baby was taking a 20 minute nap… I decided to drop my Paper Lady blog and start this blog, The Paper Mama.



Can I submit an idea/DIY to The Paper Mama blog?

– Yes, you can. Please read all this info before emailing:

DIY/Idea posts:

– If you have a DIY idea/share/question, send over an email! If possible, including a photo of the finished project would be wonderful. If your project is currently just an idea, no worries… send over your thoughts and we can chat more! For DIY posts I like to include step by step how-to’s. Lots of photos to make it more clear. Email subject line: “DIY idea”

Beauty/Hair tutorials:

– Have a neat hair tutorial or beauty tip you’d like to share on my blog? Send over your idea and we can chat more. Email subject line: “Beauty/hair Idea”

Fashion update:

– You found some awesome piece of clothing, but it was missing something…. SO, you updated it and now it’s amazing? Well, I want to see it! Share before and after photos. Also note what you did and how. Email subject line: “Fashion Update”.

Free Printable Share:

– Are you an artists/graphic designer and would like to share something on my blog (for free), send over the image and I’ll check it out. Calendars, prints, gift tags, and more are all great items that my readers love. Email subject line: “Free printable share”

Before and After or furniture revamp:

– Have you been updating your home or a piece of furniture? I’d love to see the update. Submit photos (with the subject line “before and after”) and I’ll check it out. Email subject line: “Before and After share”

“Tried it” projects:

– Have you tried out a Pinterest project and it worked FABulously? I’d love to see it! Send over a link to the original project and a link/photos of your project. Email subject line: “Tried it post”

– Tried out one of my DIY’s and would like to share photos with me? Wonderful! I’d love to see them. You can send over your photos and/or blog post link. I’ll check it out and maybe include it in a favorites post. Email subject line: “Tried it post”

Are you accepting contributors for your 50 DIY Days of Christmas?

– Yes, always. It takes quite a while to plan out that series, so I start early. I like to start prepping in June/July. If you’d like to submit an idea for the series, send me an email with your project idea. I’m currently only taking original posts with clear and clean photos. Email subject line, “50 DIY Days”

– Side note: Due to the high quantity of emails I receive, if you don’t hear from me within a month of submission, it means I am not able to share the post on my blog at this time. BUT, please don’t let this discourage you. You are welcome to submit as many times as you’d like. Also, please note if you have shared any of your projects on another blog (with a link). I prefer to share original post ideas.

– Also, please resize photos to be 800 pixels wide of your best and most clear photos. Please don’t send photos with font on them.

Can I share your blog content on my blog/site?

– Yes, you may share one photo with a link directly back to my original post. Please do not alter the images (ie: removing the watermark). You are welcome to include my image in a photo roundup, but please make it clear where the image came from. Yes, you can pin my projects. Please do not completely copy a post.

Can I interview you? Can you contribute a guest post to my blog?

– I would LOVE to say “yes” to every request I get, but sadly I cannot. Feel free to email me if you have a question, if I don’t respond it’s because I could not fit in the time.



Can you draw a custom drawing of me and my family?

I did this for quite a while, and loved it, but have found that I no longer have the time. On occasion I will accept a custom order, but I have really cut back.

Will you draw something for my tattoo?

Goodness, this is very flattering. Really. Like custom drawings, I really don’t have the time to do this, but thanks for asking!

Can I get one of your finished illustrations tattooed on me?

Sure. Why not?

Do you sell your work anywhere online?

I do. I sell prints, pins, stuffies, and other goodies in my Etsy shop. I also occasionally sell at local craft fairs.

Would you please add this dog breed or animal to your drawing ‘to do’ list?

Yes. Please email me with any drawings you think I should add to my list. I seriously have a list of “to draw dog breeds”. Ha! Send over an email with your suggestion, I’ll add it to my list.

Can you help me design something for my blog?

No, I’m sorry. I wish I could, but I just don’t have the time.



What’s in your camera bag?

Canon 6D

Canon 50 mm f/1.4

my iPhone


Do you prefer natural light or do you use flash? If so, what kind?

– I prefer to not use the stock flash in my camera. I think it just really washes everything out. I’d rather deal with editing noise out of a photo then trying to fix a crazy bright/washed out flash photo. I DO have dreams and plans of purchasing a Speedlite in the future.

Do you shoot completely manual, or just depending on the circumstances?

– I only shoot manual. I like control of the lighting in my photos. The only way you will really get to know your camera is by shooting in manual. LOTS of trial and error. Two of my fave posts for beginners in manual: Go Manual or Go Home and Knowing Your Camera.

Do you prefer either RAW or JPEG, or could you care less (I know this is usually a personal call)?

– I really don’t understand or know too much about RAW. Maybe this will help: Good RAW post: RAW vs. JPEG

What is your everyday, go-to kind of lens?

– My 50mm 1.4 lens. I switch to my zoom if needed.

How many batteries and memory cards do you have?

– I have one giant memory card (it’s able to hold about a bagillion photos) and one battery. I also have an external hard drive to transfer photos from my computer.

Where do you recommend buying camera gear?

– I like getting mine on Ebay and Amazon.

Can you recommend any good online photography classes?

– I love the FREE 31 Days to a Better Photo series over at Life with My 3 Boybarians. Check it out!



Will you do a giveaway/review of my product?

– Possibly. Every once in a while I host group giveaways. A collection of goodies grouped into one giant/amazing giveaway for one (or two) people to win. Send me an email if you think you have a product that’s perfect for the group giveaways: thepapermama at gmail dot com. Please also review my prize rules.

Will you review my product/clothing/accessory? 

– Maybe. It depends what the item is and if it’s a good fit for me/my blog. Feel free to email me if you have a question: thepapermama at gmail dot com. If I receive an item and find it does not fit my style, I will not write about it on my blog.


– The Paper Mama blog is a for profit blog. I do sponsored/paid posts, paid reviews, and write for other sites. I’m also affiliated with Amazon, ModCloth, and LuLu’s and will occasionally have affiliate links in posts or sidebars. I also sell ad space and work with the BlogHer ad network. I’m a paid contributor on the Better Homes and Gardens blog, HP Create blog, and Minnetonka blog.  All opinions are my own and not that of the company I’m working with.

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