Local Love: Feast Portland

Feast Portland

I’m just popping in to tell you guys about something that happens here in Portland once a year: Feast! It’s a massive food festival that attracts visitors from all over to eat some of the best food around.

I haven’t had the chance to attend Feast in the past, but I will be there this year! I LOVE food and I love a good festival that celebrates yummy food. I’ll be headed to a few different events, but I’m most excited about the Brunch.

Feast Portland

So, if you’ve been considering a trip to Portland in the next month and haven’t set a date yet, come on this week and buy yourself some tickets to a few feast events. A LOT of it is sold out, but there are still some events available (including a big wine tasting).

Maybe I’ll see you there? You can check out all the info here.

– Chelsey

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