Day 11 Halloween: Twin Peaks Costume Inspiration (for the ladies)

DIY Twin Peaks Costume Inspiration

Day 11 of my 50 DIY Days: Twin Peaks Costume Inspiration (for the ladies)

A couple of weeks ago I shared costume inspiration for Bob’s Burgers and I had so much fun putting it together that I decided to share some MORE inspiration for another favorite show, Twin Peaks. This show is nuts. I did not watch it when it originally aired in the 90’s, but I have caught up watching it on Netflix and I love how weird it is. There are so many amazing characters I had to pick and choose my favorites. It would take me weeks to put together inspiration for all the characters. Maybe I’ll share some more next year?

Agent Cooper Twin Peaks Costume

Agent Dale Cooper:

Audrey Horne Twin Peaks Costume

Audrey Horne:

Shelly Johnson Twin Peaks Costume

Shelly the Waitress:

Log Lady Twin Peaks Costume

Log Lady:

Bob Twin Peaks Costume


I hope you loved all the inspiration. If you’re not into dressing up, but still love Twin Peaks, maybe just try out these twin peaks nail decals? They are amazing. Happy Halloween!

– Chelsey

P.S. Are you wondering what the 50 DIY Days is? Each year I share a bunch of holiday DIY ideas to inspire crafting during the Fall. Starting now, through early December, you’ll find a ton of great ideas to get you ready for Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and any sort of holiday gift giving. You can check out this link to explore past DIY Days.



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