Mentally Prepping Myself for Baby + Free Printable Weekly Belly Pages

This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Nutrimom. All opinions are 100% mine.

Free Printable Pregnant Belly Pages

It’s been a while since the last time I was pregnant and had an actual newborn baby (there will be a 6 year age difference between these two girls) and I sort of feel like I have no idea what I’m doing. I can only seem to think about how freakin’ tired I will be when this little baby is born in December. I know there is more to it, but that’s what my scared brain is focusing on. So, this past month I was introduced to the Nutrimom site. They work with moms from the first day of pregnancy to toddler-hood, or the first 1,000 days, with a goal to help moms make informed choices about wellness and nutrition. I’ve been connected to a personal Coach to support and guide me through any issues and concerns I might have with my pregnant, and soon to be newborn, mom life. I have to tell you, this is like a huge weight off my shoulders. I’ve been worrying and thinking way TOO much about what could go wrong and if I can handle a newborn again. Deep down I know I can, but there’s still that worry way in the back of my head (I’m also 6 years older than when I did this last time) Some perks from this program are having access to a Coach through email and being able schedule calls to chat and work through any concerns with them. For my first coaching call we focused on the things I wanted to work on (based on my personal history and needs) and we discussed Nutrimom’s 7 Pillars of Early Life Nutrition. How to alleviate stress:

  • Working on healthy sleeping patterns now, before baby gets here. I don’t do well without sleep.
  • Prepping my business for a break for when baby gets here. So I can have a mini maternity leave.

Getting enough exercise while I’m pregnant:

  • I was recently put on limited movement, so I need to rest after about 30 minutes of movement quite often during the day. No strenuous activity means no more gym time until after baby. How can I get exercise while on limited movement? My Coach has provided me with light workouts ladies can do while on bed rest in the Nutrimom app.

Homemade Granola (with no refined sugars) with Yogurt

Eating healthy now (not giving into all of my cravings):

  • Yes, it’s okay for me to give into my SUPER sweet tooth cravings on occasion, but I also need to make sure I eat all my veggies and fruits. I’m doing pretty well already, but I don’t like to cook. Lunchtime is usually when I don’t eat very well. My Coach is providing me with easy to make healthy lunch recipes (the photo above is my favorite easy no-refined sugar granola).
  • Nutrimom does have a line of nutrition products for each stage of my pregnancy. I wish I had known about their Lemon Ginger Bar (with B6) back in the early days of my pregnancy. This bar seems to be specifically for morning sickness and I was SO sick. Thankfully I’m past that stage and now I’m checking out the Super Fruit Bar (for energy). I’m entering another sleepy stage of pregnancy.

Nutrimom App

I mean, it gets really hard to find any real accurate info in this huge and crazy internet world! Working with my Coach is so much easier than getting lost in all the info online. How much of that info is actually accurate? I’m excited to continue my journey with them and I’m definitely happy to have support when it comes time to breastfeed (I had such a hard time with my first daughter). I’ll definitely be sure to share more with you guys as I continue on with the coaching. If you’re interested in Nutrimom, check out their site and see if it’s something that might work for you.


Printable belly pages: If you’re pregnant and want to take some weekly photos using my Free Printable Weekly Belly Pages, download the pages right here! There’s a space to write in how you and your baby are doing. The weeks start at 5 and go all the way up to 42.

– Chelsey

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