Day 30: Free Christmas Dingbat Fonts

Free Christmas Dingbat Fonts

Day 30: Free Christmas Dingbat Fonts

Last week while I was searching for some lovely Free Christmas Inspired Fonts, I found a TON of Christmas Dingbat Fonts (free for you to download). I decided to share my favorites with you today. How great is that jolly santa, and the “Merry Christmas”? You may just see one of these dingbats on my Christmas card. My family and I tend to go a little crazy with our holiday photos and we are planning on taking photos for the card this weekend (in case you missed my past cards, click here).

Check out the links below to find the fonts and download them for yourself!

Happy Friday to you! If you’d like to wander my past favorite font posts, you can click here.

– Chelsey

P.S. Just a note: all of these fonts are free, but most cannot be used for commercial-use (unless you purchase a license).  They should all be fine for personal use, but don’t use them in any product you plan on selling. ALSO note: the rules and regulations for each font are subject to change at any time, and I can’t guarantee these will still be free in the future. You will need to read the rules for each font you download.  One more thing: enjoy!

This is the 4th year for my 50 DIY Days. If you would like to check out the past projects, you can click on these links (sorry for any broken links, it’s hard to keep up to date with all the posts… always a work in progress): 2011 // 2012 // 2013!


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