Taking care of myself.

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When you become a mother, things change. You put someone else’s needs before your own and the “normal” in your life is different. Showers. Exercise. Eating well. Socializing with humans that don’t talk about Frozen. All things we forget about, or at least I do.

Since becoming a mother I have written many maintenance blog posts. These posts are reminders for me to take care of MYself. I don’t share a ton about me anymore, because this is the big ‘ol Internet and it gets bigger everyday, but I do like to share a small tidbit here and there.

My kiddo is nearing her 5th birthday and I’ve fallen into yet another “not taking care of myself” rut. It’s not on purpose, I just forget. I let stress overwhelm me and take over my mind. Skipping one day of gym time somehow turns into one month without working out. I slowly lose confidence and I don’t quite know why… Then I remember there’s a 3rd person in the family, me. I get the feeling that this may be something that continues to happen as the kiddo grows older and I will just need to teach myself to pay attention and remember to take the time to exercise or watch a favorite television show with a bag of popcorn. Me stuff.

It’s hard to get back on the right track, but I’m back to working out consistently and eating better again. I know things will get off track if my daughter gets sick or something else unforeseen happens, but sometimes I just need this reminder: breath and take care of me.

– Chelsey

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  • Nicole Michelle on said:

    The me stuff is the hardest to remember! I'm at home with 4 little ones and I hit that rut hard a couple weeks ago. Thankfully I wasn't the only one seeing it happen. The hubby scheduled a couple days off of work and let me just go. Just me. All by myself. It was magical.

  • aeroche on said:

    There's so little time! I hear you though- you can't take care of others without taking care of yourself

  • kim caro on said:

    I totally get it. Thanks for the reminder and honesty

  • frenchrobin on said:

    Wonderful reminder to take care of myself too. You are right on that as a mother we always put the needs of our family before ourselves (how many cold meals have you eaten 🙂 ). Working out, taking a walk, meeting a friend for coffee — all are good things to do for myself.

  • Kacie on said:

    I so appreciate this. Especially in the busy summer it feels like it can get lost. xoxo

  • Ann on said:

    Awareness is the biggest gift. It's wonderful to even realize you need to take care of yourself. (And you really do!) I'm glad you are taking the time for your self so you can be an even more awesome mom than you already are!

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