What’s up with me these days?

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What’s up with me these days? Just moving along with life and working….

– My kiddo has finished preschool for now and we are just about to start our summer.

– The baby chicks we raised from eggs are turning 5 weeks old today and tomorrow. 90% sure we have at least 3 roosters out of the bunch, which means they have to go… no roosters in the city. I’ve been taking weekly photos of those babies since they hatched. It’s crazy to see how fast they’ve grown. I will be sharing those photos soon. They are so neat.

– I ALWAYS have fun projects going on over at the HP Blog.

– Thinking about what to make or get form the husband for Father’s day… maybe a repeat of last year’s gift? See below:

Beer Cake

– I completely forgot about this recipe… until my Friend Mal reminded me about how tasty it was. Chocolate Caramel Crack-ers. They are addictive.

– I’m also working on a project with Home Depot (so exciting), so I hope to be sharing that soon. It involves a super neat door and a lot of paint and wood.

– I’m giving away another Polaroid camera over herrreee.

– I just finished watching the last episode of Game of Thrones for this week… OMG. That show is crazy and I can’t stop watching it. So great. Do you watch?

That’s about it over here! Are you ready for summer?

– Chelsey

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