Sad day for the chicken eggs.

Day 6 Candled Egg infertile //

Well, sad day for our chicken eggs. The eggs we set under our hen last week are all duds. I’m sad (and she worked so hard), but there just weren’t any chicks developing in the eggs when we checked. BUT, we aren’t giving up. We went to the Portland Homestead Supply Co. and bought some of their blended fertile eggs to TRY and hatch. We picked out a blue egg, green egg, and super dark brown egg. PLUS, they gave us a couple tiny eggs from the chickens they have at their store.

Cross everything that this works. Our broody chicken has been working so hard to hatch those eggs, I hope it works this time. I guess we are starting the countdown all over again…. IF these eggs are fertile (and make it through) we will have some chicks on April 29th. I’ll be sure to share updates!

– Chelsey


  • Jessica H. on said:

    Aww! Sad. Hopefully this next set of eggs works out. Fingers crossed!

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