My Favorite Free Number Fonts!

Favorite Free Number Fonts //

I love font. So much. I use a wide variety for blogging and in my everyday life. That’s why I’m sharing my favorite free number fonts with you today. I use all of the numbers from these fonts a LOT and I think I should show some love to these fabulous designs. This is seriously a small snippet of favorite numbers. I had to cut out a few, or the image would have been HUGE. I may have to do a “take two” for number fonts. Hee. Ok, have a happy Friday and enjoy!

A. Pompadour

B. Ecuyer DAX

C. Klinic

D. Walkway

E. SeasideResort

F. Dude

G. Alexandre

H. Debonair Inline

I. Learning Curve Pro

J. Sullivan

K. Salamandre

If you love fonts as much as I do, check out my previous collections: Free Commercial-Use Fonts take one and take two, Jess Font used in a project, and my favorite collection of cool Dingbats!

– Chelsey

P.S. Just a note: all of these fonts are free, but most cannot be used for commercial-use (unless you purchase a license). ¬†They should all be fine for personal use, but just don’t use them in any product you plan on selling. ALSO note: the rules and regulations of each font are subject to change at any time, and I can’t guarantee these will still be free in the future. You need to read the rules for each font you download.¬†

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