Day 28: Mod Wood DIY Advent Calendar!

DIY Advent Calendar //

Day 7 of my 50 DIY Days of Christmas: Mod Wood DIY Advent Calendar, from the super lovely Regina of Acute Designs! Today’s guest DIY-er brought you this fantastic Modern Advent Calendar. I LOVE it. It’s only December 3rd, so you still have time to create this lovely calendar to count down the remaining days till Christmas! Plus, you can use it year after year, enjoy!:

When I was a child, we had a felt Christmas tree advent calendar that my grandma had made for us. Every day in December, I would race down to the tree (had to beat my brother and sister) and hang a new ornament on the felt tree.  By December 25th the tree was full.  I have such fond memories of this simple advent calendar and decide to make something similar this year.

A felt tree is a great idea, but I wanted to make something that was more my style.  Plus, I will never be able to sew like my grandma, so I chose a super simple wood diy.

Supplies ~

-One 36″ x 24″ piece of wood.  I chose the most inexpensive option Lowe’s.  It was about $8. You can easily choose something larger or smaller to fit your space.

-Paint.  Use any color you love! I used the emerald Pantone color from Lowe’s for the tree and gold for the trunk.

-Small nails (to hang the ornaments) and thumb tacks or glue to secure the paper bags.

-25 small ornaments.  I chose to create ornaments in Photoshop (free printable below!) but tiny ornaments from the craft store or Target would also work.

-A few small paper bags to hold the ornaments.  I got mine at the craft store. You could easily use small envelopes or any other light weight bag that can easily be tacked or glued to the wood.

-brushes and painter’s tape

Steps ~

This diy is super simple.  Almost too easy.  First, create a triangle tree and a rectangle trunk with painter’s tape.  Paint the tree and the trunk and let dry.

DIY Advent Calendar //

Once the paint has dried, remove the tape and hammer 25 small nails to the tree.

If you wish to create your own ornaments, you can use these that I created.  Just right click on the photo, open it in a new tab, and print.  I printed my ornaments on card stock and used spray glue to glue the sheets down to thick cardboard.  Finally, I cut the ornaments out and punched a hole in the top of each one for hanging. (NOTE: you can also use these sweet little ornaments as gift tags!)

DIY Advent Calendar //

DIY Advent Calendar //

Finally, tack a few small paper bags or envelopes on the board below the tree.  Fill each bag with ornaments and hang one each day in December.  By the 25th your tree will be full.

DIY Advent Calendar //

DIY Advent Calendar //
Happy Holidays everyone!
DIY Advent Calendar //

– Regina, Acute Designs

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50 Diy Days of Christmas //

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  • Lauren on said:

    cutest idea! i've seen a lot of advent calendar ideas, but i especially love this one!

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