Mummy Candy for your trick or treaters!

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Mummy Candy //

Halloween is just a couple weeks away! Add a little pizzazz to your candy this year. Make some Mummy Candy! I saw this idea about 3 years ago on Christopher and Tia’s blog and it only took me forever to try it. Ha! It’s easy to create, here’s how…

Supplies needed:

– white crepe paper

– Hershey’s Dish Candy (it’s the perfect little shape + size)

– mini googly eyes

– hot glue

– scissors


1. Cut about a 20 inch long section of the crepe paper. Use the scissors to split that section into 3 skinny strips of 20 inch long crepe paper.

Mummy Candy //

2. Grab a piece of Hershey’s Dish Candy and glue one end of the crepe paper to the back of your candy piece.

3. Wrap, wrap, and wrap that little paper until the crepe strip is completely wrapped around the candy. Glue the end of the crepe paper on the back of the candy.

4. Grab a couple googly eyes and glue them on the front of your Mummy Candies. You could also glue one eye and place an “x” in place of the other eye. Poor guy lost an eye.

5. Hand these guys our to your trick or treaters! I recommend sneaking a few and eating them yourself. Ha!

Mummy Candy //

I’ve been working so much lately, plus doing mama stuff, it’s been hard for me to take some time for myself. I get most of my work done when the kiddo is in bed, which means I forget to just chill out. Drawing is usually one of my favorite ways to just sit and relax, but I’m talking about REALLY unwinding. No creating. Just sitting and relaxing.

The best way for me to truly relax is to do some reading, like a PEOPLE Magazine. Add some chocolate and wine, perfect. Since Halloween is just around the corner… adding some chocolate to my relaxing has been happening A LOT. Cause: chocolate. I’ve gotten really good at sneaking pieces of candy without my kiddo seeing. Ha! Halloween is dangerous for me. So much candy. I really need to make some more mummies… since I ate most of these guys I made for the trick or treaters! Ha! Whoops. Side note: I used a Target coupon to buy my candy and magazine. I know you’ll be buying candy soon, so here’s a link to the coupon (while supplies last).

Mummy Candy //

Happy Halloweeeeeeeeeen!

– Chelsey

This post was sponsored by PEOPLE Magazine, Hershey’s Dish Candy, and Target. I was paid for this post and all opinions are my own.


  • Trish on said:

    These are so adorable! Love them.


  • Stephanie on said:

    How cute! This is totally something I could do with my daughter for her Halloween class party!

  • mysocalledchaos on said:

    These are so cute and clever!

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