Tried it: How to tell when your steak is ready.

How to tell if your steak is done //

I’m not really one to try and cook steak, but I sometimes (rarely) do. My husband loves to cook and I don’t, so why try? Kidding. I have heard for YEARS that you can compare steak doneness to the “squishy part” on your hand. I never understood this and just assumed anyone that told me to try that was crazy… until I saw pictures of how this is done on the Pinterest. This lady right here shared an image a couple years ago, and I finally found it + tried it. It works for me! I told my hubs about this method and he pretty much said, “Duh.”

Sooooooo, I may be the last person on the ENTIRE planet that didn’t know how to tell when a steak is ready, but just in case I’m sharing it with all of you. Have I changed your life forever? No? Hee. Side note: I like my steaks medium rare. Yum.

– Chelsey

My Tried It series is all about what actually works, for me, from Pinterest. Follow this link to check out past “Tried-it” posts.

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  • Lisette on said:

    What a neat trick. Maybe steak won't feel so daunting anymore.

  • manasmith on said:

    I prefer everything well done. But you're not the last person because I didn't know about this either.

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  • Stephanie R on said:

    I seriously had no idea. Its embarrassing to admit, but I actually just cook it till I think its done enough and then cut it up. Im totally saving this post for later!

  • Michelle on said:

    Umm I didn't know this at all – I just wung it. lol I'm a medium rare kinda girl so if it's a little less done it doesn't bother me 😉

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