Raw Kale Slaw Recipe

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In our little mini garden we have a bunch of kale growing. Kale is one of my favorite veggies. I just love it. Sautéed, baked, and most recently as a slaw. It’s delicious and great with any meal. I LOVE this slaw.

Raw Kale Slaw Recipe

– A couple bunches of Kale (enough for 2 people)

– 2 parts sour cream

– 1 part apple cider vinegar

– salt and pepper to taste


– To make the dressing: Whisk the sour cream and vinegar together. If you’d like the slaw to be less tart/sour: add less vinegar (or add more sour cream).

– Chop up the kale and blend with the dressing and serve. Side note: the longer the dressing sits on the kale, the softer the kale will get (if you have some stiff kale, it’s good to let the dressing sit on the leaves for a couple hours).

– Enjoy!

One of my favorite/simple salads. It’s EXTRA delicious if you sprinkle a few bit of bacon in the salad!

– Chelsey

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