Disney in Seattle.

Disney in Seattle // thepapermama.com

Disney in Seattle // thepapermama.com

// Dress: c.o. eshakti.com // Shoes: Miz Mooz //

A couple weeks ago I headed to Seattle for the Disney Social Media Mom’s Seattle “on the road” conference, with the lovely Lauren. I’ve always been a Disney fan. Ariel was my go-to pretend character as a kid (and sometimes as a mom)… mermaids! Plus, I know the words to the majority of all Disney songs (they’re so awesome catchy).

The whole thing was pretty amazing. We got to learn some insider goodness about Disney, plus we heard the fantastic Mindee Doney (creator of Boogie Wipes) talk. She’s pretty darn funny. It was a very inspiring chat about growing a business, losing it all, and building yourself back up. Check out her story if you don’t know it.

I got to wear this lovely new plaid dress… it was pretty fantastic and comfy. I LOVE it. BUT, my favorite part of this whole thing: the girl time I got to spend with Lauren. That girl is so sweet and it was SO much fun. Plus, she’s adorable. This quick bizz trip was perfect for these busy mamas (we spent our evenings chatting and watching documentaries, party on).

Disney in Seattle // thepapermama.com

Disney in Seattle // thepapermama.com

Since we are both on an extreme budget, and not into creepy motels… we checked out some awesome spaces to stay on airbnb.com. Have you heard of this? It’s pretty neat. It’s a site that people, like you and I (well, if your house is larger and has space to share), can rent out rooms/mini homes/studios. Generally it’s cheaper than a hotel, but still neat. We stayed at a place in the U District part of Seattle for a VERY reasonable price. It was the teensiest little home in someone’s backyard. The living/bath/kitchen were downstairs, and the bedroom was up a ladder. It’s a little weird heading to someone’s home… when you don’t know who they are, but it was very simple and nice. PLUS, if they’ve been renting for a while, they should have ratings to check out.

We ended our 2 day stay exploring the beautiful Ballard. I lived in Seattle for 4 years… right next to Ballard, and let me tell you: it has changed a TON in 5 years. It was always cute, but now it’s a fun place to eat and shop. I swear 90% of the shops and restaurants must be new.

We drove home on a 90 degree day… in a car with broken A/C. It was so hot we stopped and I purchased a frozen margarita mix pouch to use as an ice pack. It lasted for about 30 minutes. BUT,  my favorite moment of this trip home: we were stopped at a stop light… been in traffic forever, and I looked to my right. The lady in the car next to us was LITERALLY shaking her head with her hair blowing in that beautiful air conditioner. Lauren and I might have mumbled a curse under our breath… I mean it was so hot, but we both started laughing. Evidence:


– Chelsey

Note: the plaid dress was sent to me, for free, by eshakti.com. I was not paid for this post, all opinions and thoughts are my own. 


  • Jenni on said:

    Looks like so much fun! I'm sad I missed it!

  • ruthy on said:

    You guys are too cute…and I'm so glad you found a place on airbnb…we've been using it for awhile and LOVE it!

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