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Fancy Time // thepapermama.com

Remember my little goal to dress up at least 3 times a week? I set this goal in February and I’m happy to say I’ve stuck with it. I get out of my lazy/yoga pants and step into something lovely at LEAST 3 days a week (sometimes it’s four or five). I can tell this small change has helped my self-esteem. It’s just so simple, but getting dressed in a lovely skirt and some pretty tights changes my mood. I can feel my energy level go up, and I just plain feel better. Most days I can only manage to get my kiddo into “real clothes” and I wander out of the house with toothpaste on my face. Yeah… I even forget to look in the mirror. This goal also includes putting a small bit of makeup on, at least 3 times a week.

The majority of the time my makeup routine only consists of putting on mascara. Adding some length and darkness to my lashes makes me believe I’m not as tired as I feel. Ha! When I’m feeling super fancy, maybe on date nights, I’ll add a bit of lipstick.

I have really dry skin, and for that reason I don’t use foundation or cover up that often. Especially all over my face. It enhances the dry spots…  <—– Not my goal. I also love my freckles and never want to cover them, buuuut I do love it under my eyes (and to cover up the occasional blemish). I’ve yet to find something that really works for what I want (and at a price I can handle), but Almay sent me some Smart Shade Mousse to try out. I love it!

Fancy Time // thepapermama.com

It’s pretty neat. It starts off white (as seen on my finger above) and quickly changes to match the shade of my skin, like magic. P.S. A little goes a long way. It’s light and soft, and it smooths out to cover the darkness under my eyes.

Fancy Time // thepapermama.com

I’ve been using it almost nonstop for a week now. Even on the days I choose to wear yoga pants (and maybe have toothpaste on my face). It may be difficult to see a difference looking at my before and after photos in this post, but looking in the mirror at home: totally see it. I’ll be dressing up FOUR times this week. Date night tonight with the husband! Yay! That means cute shoes, a dress, and makeup! No yoga pants this time. Maybe I’ll add some eyeshadow (I’m trying out the Almay intense i-color)?


Check out Almay’s website for more information about their products and don’t forget to like Almay on Facebook!


Tell me, what’s your go-to date night look?


Answer this question below, and each comment will automatically be entered for $100 Visa gift card! Use that treat for your own little date night!

– Chelsey



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  • Whitney on said:

    Jeans and a comfortable blouse. Very light and natural makeup

  • Candie L on said:

    I like to throw my hair in a cute high ponytail. Thank you

  • kenny on said:

    jeans and a nice shirt

  • Kitty on said:

    Go to date night look: something simple like jeans! And I love blue eyeshadow! 🙂

  • Tabathia B on said:

    I just go with a white blouse and boot cut jeans

    tbarrettno1 at gmail dot com

  • Sand on said:

    Depends on where we're going but I like to go for more of an understated look.

  • susansmoaks on said:

    my go to date night look is an eye shadow, eye liner, mascara and lip gloss!

  • ccboobooy on said:

    Natural makeup, my favorite black dress, and silver pumps.

    ccboobooy at gmal dot com

  • Lauren Harmon on said:

    My go to date night look is definitely just a natural look with a dewy, blushing looking cheek and a sweep of mascara… Understated elegance. Hubby's favorite and so easy to accomplish! 🙂

  • Rachel S on said:

    I like to dress up a bit and play up my eyes with violet eyeshadow and sparkly eyeshadow.

  • slehan on said:

    I like to be myself when I go out so I just use a bit of eye shadow, blusher and lip gloss.
    Thanks for the contest.

    slehan at juno dot com

  • Erica C. on said:

    Sexy eyes and simple lips.

  • Buddy Garrett on said:

    My wife likes to wear a comfortable outfit, a little colorful makeup and accentuate it with beautiful accessories.

  • Jennifer C on said:

    I keep my date night look pretty basic – jeans, nicer top, mascara and eyeliner.

  • Thomas Murphy on said:

    A clean shave and some hair gel

    rounder9834 @yahoo.com

  • Amanda Sakovitz on said:

    I usually do grays or beige eyeshadow, mascara and a light lip

    pokergrl8 at gmail.com

  • kathy pease on said:

    I am not very fancy and go most for a natural look that is not bright or bold

  • Denise S on said:

    I'm very casual with just lip gloss and that's about it.

  • clynsg on said:

    I may dress up (depends on what the special day is), but I don't use makeup except for some lipstick.

  • barbara hunt on said:

    Haven't had a date in years! Thanks for the contest

  • Gianna on said:

    My husband’s favorite grey dress 🙂

  • Debbie B on said:

    pretty much my usual look but with my hair and makeup fixed nicely

  • Suzanne L on said:

    My date night look is simple and mostly natural looking, except I play up my eyes: falsies, mascara, liner, eyeshadow.

  • s riches on said:

    I like to wear a black turtleneck and a nice blazer on date night.

  • Hadespark on said:

    A nice pair of jeans and a low cut shirt. I wear very little makeup.

  • Betty C on said:

    I don't have much of a special look, just a fancier top instead of a t-shirt.

  • angie lilly on said:

    In the summer, it is my olive green capri pants with a v-neck black tee and some fun frilly drop earrings!

  • Rebecca Graham on said:

    Jeans, nice blouse, jewelry, and a little more makeup.

    rhoneygtn at yahoo dot com

  • yummyfaerie on said:

    A modern smokey eye that makes them pop and a unique accessory

  • Lisa Garner on said:

    My go to date night look is my favorite black dress and heels pair with dramatic eyes.
    lisalmg25 at gmail dot com

  • Christine H. on said:

    I too have dry skin, and yes foundation really shows it, but judging from the pictures your skin looks flawless before the makeup! I wish I had skin like yours lucky woman.

  • Christine H. on said:

    I have to have concealer, mascara, and eyeliner! Then I put on a cute outfit and find shoes to match and voila! My date night look!

  • Daniel M on said:

    don't have a go-to look yet

  • Claire on said:

    A swing-y black lace dress always does the trick.

  • jennifer on said:

    honestly, my husband and I traded out date night of dressed up for date night on our bicycles… so usually my get up is with two braids, shorts, tank top and cute tennis shoes…

  • Kate S on said:

    It's pretty much my day look, plus mascara and bolder lip gloss! lol

  • brenda robinson on said:

    heels, mascara and lip gloss – easy

  • Ashley Morrissey on said:

    Smokey eyes and a beautiful dress, please! 🙂

  • ashley on said:

    Full make up, a dress and heels for me!

  • Emmy on said:

    a sexy black lace top with tight skinny jeans and black heels
    beach curls
    blue smoky eyes

  • Diane Baum on said:

    My go to date night look includes make up and a fun sexy outfit.
    Diane baum
    [email protected]

  • Erica Best on said:

    i love cute tops and jeans

  • Ashley on said:

    I add a little more makeup and change into something I wouldn't normally wear to teach in. ashaldridge at gmail dot com

  • LAMusing on said:

    I keep it very simple and emphasize one feature – usually my lips.

  • Kerry on said:

    I like to add some bronzer and my favorite lipstick shade.

  • mickeyfan on said:

    I am a make up minimalist and hubby prefers it that way.

  • injaynesworld on said:

    Depends on the date, but always curled eyelashes with lots of mascara.

  • Lori on said:

    we don't have too many date nights but when we do I like to use some eye shadow, eye liner and perfume!

  • Amy Tong on said:

    I love your look, nice and natural. My go-to date night look would be something light and simple. I don't like heavy make up but want to look flawless too.

    amy [at] utry [dot] it

  • Shannon on said:

    I do a liner on my lids and a smoky eye. I do a glossy lip.

  • busyworkingmama on said:

    My date night look usually involves a smokey eye and some red lipstick.

  • jen gersch on said:

    i wear peach gloss and black eyeliner

  • steve weber on said:

    clean shave… nice dark jeans and a black t-shirt

  • injaynesworld on said:

    Depends on what we're doing, but lipstick and lots of mascara is a must.

  • One Frugal Girl on said:

    I don't wear much makeup but I like dark eyeliner and black mascara.
    onefrugalgirl AT gmail DOT com

  • Justine on said:

    Polished and pretty rather than full-blown glam.

  • raggammuffin on said:

    my go to sate look is mascara and lip gloss

  • Lisa on said:

    Mascara and Red Lipstick! Jeans and a cute top.


  • Wild Orchid on said:

    My go to look includes eyeliner, mascara, and lipgloss. I like to put the focus on my eyes.

    Thanks for the chance to win!
    wildorchid985 at gmail dot com

  • sharonjo on said:

    My go-to date night look is pretty casual–capris or jeans with a simple top, maybe a denim or khaki jacket. Makeup is simple, but I do like to do some shimmer eyeshadow if I'm going out at night. Thanks!
    sharonjo at gwtc dot net

  • Erika on said:

    Usually a little black dress, some cute earrings, and eye-liner. I've never tried Almay before so this would be fun!

    chambanachik at gmail dot com

  • Lee on said:

    She looks best with minimal makeup–just being herself is great looking!

  • Crystal F on said:

    I don't get to have date nights. We don't have anyone to watch our girls for us to go out. If I were to go on a date, I would were very simple makeup since I really don't wear any. I would probably just wear some eye makeup. Thank you!

  • Krista W. on said:

    I love to wear a cute dress and flats. Makeup is usually pretty minimal– per the fiance's request!

  • Nicole Larsen on said:

    Nothing too fancy–some skinny jeans, cute top, and a little extra makeup than normal

  • kalhendr on said:

    My go-to date-night look: sundress, strappy sandals, and little makeup!

  • Jacob LaFountaine on said:

    Button up shirt, slacks and decent kicks

  • Nadine L on said:

    We usually go to a comedy club or somewhere else casual, so jeans, nice top, sandals (or boots depending on weather) and a touch of makeup

  • Amy on said:

    Luckily, I go on tons of first dates and very few second ones, so I can recycle my look each time! (Try to ignore the desperation in that previous sentence!)

    Usually I go for skinnies, a tunic sweater and a chunky scarf. Oh, and brown leather boots!

    For makeup, bareMinerals foundation, Benefit's They're Real mascara (seriously life changing), a little blush, a gold/bronze/silver (okay, metallic) shadow, and a Clinique Chubby Stick in that day's color.

  • HilLesha on said:

    My go-to date look is mint green eyeshadow and black or brown liquid eyeliner to create a cat eye look. 🙂

  • jillyrh on said:

    A nice dress, heels, jewelry, smokey eyes, blush and lipstick

  • anastasia2013 on said:

    I'm pretty jeans and t-shirt most of the time, so I do the same for date night. I add some mascara tho' and curl my hair 🙂

  • Stephanie Larison on said:

    I mostly keep it natural looking when it comes to makeup. I only go all out when it's something special like a holiday or a very rare date night with hubby. Then I'll put some foundation and mascara on. Lip gloss is a must!

  • Sonya Morris on said:

    I wear a little more eye shadow with black mascara & eyeliner along with my favorite outfit.

  • merle m on said:

    tee and jeans. i don't wear makeup

  • injaynesworld on said:

    Depends if it's casual or elegant, but mascara and eye shadow are always a must.

  • Barbara M on said:

    I'm a casual person so it would be a neat jacket with jeans and boots.
    I do wear a bit more make up – mascara and more dramatic with the eye color.
    Thank you.

    barbara dot montyj at gmail dot com

  • tamarsw on said:

    I'm about comfy and causal – jeans and a nice shirt.

  • kim h on said:

    My husband likes me wear dresses!! 🙂

  • soha molina on said:

    smokey eyes

  • Margaret Smith on said:

    I like to go for a natural look with minimal makeup. Thanks so much.

  • paige chandler on said:

    I like a summer dress with tall strappy sandals. Light makeup and beach swept hair.
    [email protected]

  • Kate F. on said:

    Dark eyelashes and reddish-pink lips

  • Adrienne gordon on said:

    very casual, jeans and a blouse,nothing special for me.

  • Laura on said:

    Ha, my date night look is just getting out the door! Maybe some lip balm!

  • rachel on said:

    A pretty dress paired with flattering lipstick!

  • sandrakohlmann on said:

    I have been makeup obsessed lately. I've been playing around with green and blue eyeshadows, even on days I only take the kids to the park, or don't leave the house at all. It makes me feel so much better!

    I'd like to say I have a date night look, but I've only been on one date in the last year or so. For evenings out, I do like to wear skirts, usually paired with a t-shirt and cardigan. And I up the ante, as far as eye makeup. I'm a fan of shimmery shadow, dark liner, and super lush lashes, along with nude lips.

  • Cynthia C on said:

    I try to wear something pretty and amp up my eyes with a little shadow and mascara.

  • AnnaZed on said:

    What a brilliant idea, the wearing nice clothes at least 3 days a week thing. I have never thought of it that way but I'd wager that my husband would like that. AS for date night I usually schlub around in my jeans upgraded with red lipstick and some heels. Maybe I'll put on a dress, in your honor!

    margueritecore [at] gmail [dot] com

  • Stephanie V. on said:

    natural with focus on eyes – long lashes, good shadow, top liner only, fun, flirty outfit (usually sexy top with leggings) and boots or heels
    tvollowitz at aol dot com

  • Ginger on said:

    gosh we haven't been on a date in more than a year, but if I was getting dressed for a date tonight – black tshirt dress, gold flip flops, mascara and maybe lip gloss 🙂

    your skin looks beautiful!

  • Samantha Daleo on said:

    My go-to date night look is usually good fitting jeans and some great eye make up. Maybe some lip gloss as well. Simple and sexy is the goal.

  • tcarolinep on said:

    My go-to date night look- Skinny/straight leg jeans and silk blouse, heels and a clutch.

  • cindy w on said:

    My go to date night look is a putting on a little smokey eye and lipstick…normally I don't wear make-up, so my hubby usually does a double take

  • Joni on said:

    I don't dress up often so my date night look is a little makeup (including eyeliner and mascara that I don't normally wear on a regular day), jeans and a cute top and shoes.

  • Tabitha on said:

    My go-to date night look is usually (poor hubby lol) cute jeans, cute top and flats/sandals, blush, mascara brown shadow eye liner and lipstick, like to keep it simple but probably should step it up 😉

  • Madeline on said:

    For date nights I like to curl my hair and wear lipstick.
    madelinebrubaker {at} gmail [dot] com

  • Gretchen on said:

    Definitely a dress and a bright lip color or gloss 🙂

  • dropastitch on said:

    Tell me, what’s your go-to date night look? Lately, it's been a maxi dress and sandals. With a pashmina just in case. So many places are frigid with a/c!

  • Susan Smith on said:

    My date night look is casual, I will usually wear jeans, a sweater, pumps, my hair styled and makeup.

  • stefaniegladden on said:

    I love a natural smokey brown eye w/a bright pink lip!

  • Kierra on said:

    My go-to date night look would be either a black dress or if it was summer, just a cute, frilly type of dress. And just light make-up done.

  • Christina Gomez on said:

    Make up isn't something I wear often…not because I don't want to, but because I feel like I don't know how to, and I don't want to look like a clown! 🙂 But my go to date night look definitely involves eyeliner!

  • Summer Martin on said:

    My go-to-date night look is usually a cute dress (lately I've been loving peter-pan collared dresses). My boyfriend thinks I look better without make up on (awww) but I still rock the cat liner and red lipstick.

    Summer x

  • amy pugmire on said:

    I think less is more. I love a cute black dress, mascara, lipgloss and some bright heels. and cute wavy hair

  • courtney b on said:

    curled hair, lace dress and pumps !:)

  • Frances on said:

    I always use my BB cream! Of course. But I apply the black liner and mascara, which is unusual. I use the gel liner from Maybelline. As well as the Elf, EYES LIPS FACE shadow pallet.

  • Heather Hayes Panjon on said:

    My Go To Date Night Look Is A Flowing Fun Dress , Wedges, Natural Palette For My Eyes, Shimmery Glow And Lip Gloss

  • Ascending Butterfly on said:

    Little Black Dress (Yes I'm a New Yorker!), great shoes, soft waves in my hair, and my signature red lipstick! 🙂

  • steff on said:

    skinnies and a strappy top!

  • katie on said:

    i always change before a date night, even if i'm already wearing a dress.. it's silly, but i like to make it a little more special. 😉 <3

  • Leana on said:

    I will echo other comments — what's date night ?! If we ever do manage it, I'm happy with skinny jeans, flats and some cuteish shirt

  • Mami2jcn on said:

    Low cut tops are enough to impress my husband! LOL!

    I like to wear black slacks and heels with said top.

    mami2jcn at gmail dot com

  • Jennifer W on said:

    My go-to date night look is a cute dress (never usually wear dresses because I'm always on the floor with the kids), and cute shoes. I like to do my makeup a little more than normal, so maybe smoky eyes and lip gloss

  • Lisa Brown on said:

    My go-to date night look is black flared slacks, nice top, stilettos, and a makeup look of a light smokey eye and red lip.
    jslbrown_03 at yahoo dot com

  • Miranda on said:

    We so rarely go on dates that I'm not sure what my style is anymore! It depends on where we're going. For a baseball game, I'll keep it natural and play up my eyes (which I'll cover with sunglasses??). For a fancy restaurant, drama is where it's at! Smoky eyeliner and a lip stain!

  • katiivey on said:

    Date nights have been rare for us with hubby's busy season wrapping up, BUT when we do go out, I usually opt for dark jeans, cute top, jewelry, and maybe some extra eyeliner. ;> Great giveaway!

  • Kelly D on said:

    My go to date night look is a pretty blouse, black skirt, and silver jewelry. I usually have mascara, foundation and a light lipstick on.

  • Vanessa on said:

    PBB2 (Pre Baby Boy 2) I loved their intense i-color (404 smoky-I for green eyes to be exact) I don’t always apply the darkest shade (I save that for when I really need to turn it up a notch) but the two lighter shades are perfect for creating a little highlight and definition for day-to-day. But mascara and a hint of blush are my must haves! And don’t forget the Chapstick! Although having to go back to work so soon sucks at least it will be nice to get back on a schedule 😛 Here is to looking on the bright side!

  • Vanessa on said:

    Most days, even for work, a t-shirt & jeans ensemble is about all I can muster, but one of the best things I did while pregnant was stock up on maxi dresses, two of which will even work for nursing, way to go me! Throw on a cute tailored jacket or even a little cardigan with flats or wedges and I instantly feel like I have rejoined the world of the living. Thanks to your headband curl tutorial, I have been able to step out of what had quickly become my signature look, the dreaded ponytail! Your makeup routine sounds about like mine so no foundation here but if I need to hide the affects of an all night nursing buffet a little tinted moisturizer is my best friend, I may have to try the Almay Smart Shade Mousse.

  • Vanessa on said:

    Date Night? What’s that? No, but really, this week is my first week back to work after my VERY short 6 week maternity leave (I worked up until I went into labor and even some during those 6 weeks) after having our second son. The past six weeks were spent on the couch in not much more than a nursing bra tethered to the mouth of THE most handsome boy in the world, love him! Although a date with hubby would most likely include at least the youngest since he hasn’t really gotten down the bottle thing. Yesterday was the first day I didn’t have to rush home mid day because he refused to take a bottle. Yesterday was a MUCH better day 

  • Lindsay on said:

    A cute dress and some lip gloss and mascara!

  • Beth on said:

    I've just discovered mineral foundation powder, which doesn't dry out my super-dry skin, OR even feel like I'm wearing foundation. So I typically moisturize with coconut oil, let it soak in for 10 minutes, lightly brush the foundation on, add a tiny bit of blush, do a fun smokey eye in some color (never just grey- pleck), add mascara, and nude lipstick or a pink gloss and go! I want to start experimenting with highlighting and contouring, but I have to be able to afford a bronzer first. 😉
    Not that we do dates…not until I get some paychecks…but I practice anyway, just to feel pretty and ot get my makeup routine to under 20 minutes.

  • stephanie on said:

    i love the smokey eye look

  • Elena on said:

    I like to wear a nice dress and high heels, and I like to use bright lipstick for a date night

  • Living on Love on said:

    Extra mascara, jewelry, and curled hair.

    Oh, and LIPSTICK!

  • Sarah on said:

    I've been curious about the smart shade foundations, so it is good to know they work! This is a cute giveaway. I guess I don't go on a ton of "date nights", but my go to goin out look is probably a smokey eye & bright lipstick.

  • Crystalyn on said:

    That makeup seems neat! I may have to give it a try. Our past TWO date nights have fallen through so I am in super date-night-craving mode. All I can think of for my "date night look" is clothes that don't have food or kid snot all over them. Ha!

  • sarah beth on said:

    I'm almost 9 mos pregnant so currently my "date night" wear is sweatpants and compression socks. It used to be really cute dresses and high heels though. I hope it will be again soon.

  • Alaina Joe on said:

    even if it's a casual date like a movie or casual dinner, I still try and go a little above-and-beyond anything I would normally wear day-to-day. I can tell that I've hit the spot when my husband's eyes light up and he actually tells me I look pretty!

    thank you for this giveaway!

  • Susannah on said:

    I love a pretty dress for date night. My hubby would probably want it to be a little more sexy but that's not where I feel confident. 😉

  • Deirdre on said:

    My go-to date night look usually involves a smokey eye, nude lip, hair pulled away from my face, and a short dress to give the husband a chance to admire my stems. Thanks for the chance to win.

  • Kasie E. on said:

    eek, after having my second kiddo 4 months ago, getting dressed up is something I haven't been able to do very well these days! I usually just stick with jeans and a t -shirt for date nights. We keep it casual and so boring! HA! i really should put in some more effort. I think it would make me feel better too!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      It's so hard to get back into "dressing up", but starting with 3 days a week has helped a ton!

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