Build that chicken coop!

Chicken Coop //

Chicken Coop //

Our girls are growing and we have been attempting to get our chicken home built before they outgrow their little box in the house. It’s quite the project building a coop without much building knowledge, but I think we’ve got it. OR, I should say my husband has it down. Hopefully we can get this built within a couple of weeks. I can just tell the chicks are ready to get outside.

Speaking of…

Since the weather was absolutely BEAUTIFUL the past few days, we let the young chickens outside for the FIRST time this weekend. They pretty much LOVED it. They wandered around the yard, but mostly stayed near us. It was so fun having our little chicks wandering around. I ALSO loved that they ate a ton of bugs. Yay! It was pretty adorable watching them chase flies.

Happy Tuesday!

– Chelsey


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