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The weather is getting warmer, then cold and rainy, then warm again, and more rain, and then some more sun…. It’s Spring in Oregon! That means 25% of the time I might be wearing skirts or shorts! That ALSO means my legs, that haven’t seen sun in months, will be out to show the world how PALE they are. I’m talking: the sun reflects off them and it will blind you. It’s a hazard.

During the Fall and Winter I like to wear colorful tights, but not for Spring style.¬†While I’m waiting for my legs to get a bit more color, I love to use tights. I have quite the collection, but for this outfit I picked out this pair of Hanes Nude tights (they cost under $6) to pretend my legs aren’t super duper pale. It’s like I haven’t missed any sunny days. It also covers the bumps and bruises I seem to get from being a mom.

My Style // thepapermama.com

Random story moment: One of my earliest memories of the first time I noticed someone wearing tights was when I was in kindergarten. I looked down at my teachers sandals and noticed a web of something over her toes… I asked her what it was and she said, “OH, those are just my tights. I wear them to cover all those crazy purple spidery veins!” You could say that this may have scared the poo outta me as a 6 year old. When you get older you get giant purple veins covering your legs? What?

My Style // thepapermama.com

{shirt: f21//skirt: very old Anthropologie//control top silky sheer nude tights: c.o. Hanes//shoes: c.o. Blowfish}

Now I’m the thirty year old wearing tights. My kindergarten teacher had the right idea. Ok, are you into tights?

– Chelsey

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  • Franca on said:

    I don't like skin coloured sheer tights but I love opaques! The more colourful the better! Also I live in Scotland, so bare legs are rarely an option.

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