Links to love for Valentine’s Day

Bacon Hearts

Well, Valentine’s Day is coming up next week and that means Bacon Hearts! I originally made these guys in 2011…. you know: Valentine’s on a budget. Best way to my hubby’s heart: bacon hearts. AND, last year I made these AHgain (because… bacon) and popped them on top of some chocolate cupcakes! That made them about a billion times better! I’m pretty sure I’ll be making these next Thursday, too.

Today I wanted to share a few of my favorite Valentine’s ideas and DIYs with you. Maybe it will inspire you to get crafty this weekend? I hope so! <3

Links to love for Valentine’s Day:

Rice Crispy Heart Treats

– “I’m A Sucker For You” Valentine.

Be Mine Valentine freebie banner to print, from me.

Love-filled felt fortune cookie!

– A cute Valentine mantel.

Heart milk cubes.

Freebie Valentine printables, from me.

Ice cream sandwich heart!

– This Monkey Butt Valentine is AWESOME.

Fuzzy rings for your Valentine!

– My “you’re a reel catch” valentine.

I Love You Bunting.

Happy Friday to all of you!

– Chelsey

P.S. My birthday giveaway is still going on! Good luck! 


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  • Mary on said:

    Made these and they were so easy and good! Hey, it’s bacon.

  • Sassy Chickah! on said:

    This is sooo me but wondering how to bake. I've got a no fail oven baked bacon recipe but not sure I want to waste my naughty numma- numma bacon & come out w/shriveled hubbas. Thanks for great ideas-keep 'em coming, I so appreciate it! Heather

  • Stephanie on said:

    I tried making these bacon hearts for my fella on Valentine's Day but failed miserably. I cooked them for way too long and they looked like shriveled little dates. They got a really good laugh when I told him they were suppose to be hearts. Thanks for the inspiration 🙂

  • Chloe Moon on said:

    If I made these heart bacons for my boyfriend he would be mine forever!! Mwahahaha *Insert Evil Laugh* =)

    Awesome idea!!

  • Bekah on said:

    Great links! Thanks! I think I'll definitively be making the heart shaped bacon for my husband!

  • Linnea on said:

    Heart bacon!!! This is such a cute idea, Chelsey! When you mentioned using them as cupcake toppers, I immediately imagined one with maple frosting. Hope you have a great weekend!

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