52 Weeks of Drawing: Self Portrait

Week 2: The second week of my 52 weeks of drawing challenge. This week the theme is “Self Portrait”. I’m getting ready for my Alt Summit panel, and I’m in charge of drawing all our portraits. Just a little something extra for our presentation. Hee! It’s been so much fun. I can’t wait to share the final drawings of all these ladies with you. Today, I’ll just be sharing mine. My self portrait:

I want to add a few more bits and pieces to it. Haven’t decided if I’ll put color on the drawings, or not. But, I’m happy with it. Let me tell ya… drawing a profile is SO much more difficult than drawing a face straight on. It was quite the challenge. Yay!

I know I mentioned having ONE link up for the entire challenge… but, I figured it’s a little more fun with a weekly link up for each sketch. SO, there you go. I’ll have a linky open each week on Tuesday or Thursday. I’d love to see your updates! How’s your 52 weeks challenge going?

Next week’s challenge: Plant 

– Chelsey

P.S. Yes. I do really have a jackalope growing out of my head.


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