A year in photos.

A year in photos. One of my favorite end of year blog posts. This is my 3rd year participating in Ashley Sisk’s year end photo round up (my past 2 years: 2010 and 2011). I always love wandering through past photos, and this is always like a scavenger hunt. I hope you all enjoy, and if you’d like… join Ashley 

1. Me!What are you most proud of accomplishing in 2012? Goodness, just making it through the holidays was an accomplishment. I have never been so busy in my life! A ton of orders, blogging, life, and selling at a local craft show.

2. I Love Youpicture of your husband, boyfriend, children, pets, etc.

3. Still Laughing… – I’m still laughing at these two girls. Jess and Stephanie. We stayed up past 3 am playing Mad Libs. Yup. It was hilarious… because we used dirty words. Yeah, we’re a bunch of 5-year-olds.

4. Winter Wonderland – This photo is as wintery as things get. We had one day of snow, but I didn’t take any photos. Santa screams winter time, to me.

5. Birthday – My kiddo’s 3rd birthday.

6. Friends

7. I Was Inspired… – I was so inspired by my trip to Alt Summit last January. It was an amazing learning experience, and I met so many talented and amazing people. I can’t wait to go again, and I’ll be speaking this time. Whew!

8. Spring Fever – Warm day at Jamison Square!

9. Travel or Vacation – a trip to the Oregon Coast.

10. Summer Days – a trip to NY in August. Holy hot!

11. A Day In My Life – Just another day.

12. All Smiles – 4 generations.

13. Autumn Harvest – Welcome Pumpkin.

14. Home

15. Celebrate! – A pie to celebrate a birthday.

16. Let’s Do It Again… My Napa trip was AHmazing!

17. I Miss You – My sister. She lives in New Zealand.

18. Beautiful

19. Dress Up – Halloween.

20. Close Up

21. Holidays

22. My Favorite – This is my favorite photo from 2012.

23. Don’t Ever Change

24. Just Because…So There! – My cute little Chihuahua man, Angus.

25. Hopes and Dreams – I hope for the most beautiful year, with more happiness than sadness. Lots of growing and journeys with friends. AND, an exciting year for my beautiful daughter…. who’s starting preschool in a couple days! <3

– Chelsey

P.S. I hope you all have a happy and SAFE New Year! 


  • Michelle Kennedy on said:

    Gorgeous photos Chelsea! But I knew they would be, you have such a beautiful style 🙂 All the best for the new year for you and your family!

  • Jaymi on said:

    great shots! I love the moving ones! Are the gifs or cinemagraphs? I'd love to see a tutorial!!!

  • alitajewel on said:

    Enjoyed your FUN pictures like always.

    Happy New Year!

  • Jenn on said:

    Beautiful! Loved the animated photos! Happy 2013!

  • Just wondering.... on said:

    Maybe this has already been covered here (and maybe I already have a sorta-kinda idea of how) but…..how did you make the animated photos in this post? They are awesome! 🙂

  • Heather on said:

    All such beautiful photos of your life!! Wow! Pre school already, before you know it, she'll be in college (just kidding..sort of ). 🙂 Happy New Year!!

      • Heathe on said:

        No..I know..just feels like it sometimes for me!! I still remember first days of preschool for my girls and now one is in college and one's in middle school.

        • The Paper Mama on said:

          I feel like I've been watching them grow up, too. 😉 Just since 2010.

  • pieni lintu on said:

    I loved this post – those GIF-animations are so great! You are so talented and I totally love your vintage style!!! <3

  • Karen on said:

    Oh silly me….a *unicorn* hat!! :>

  • Karen on said:

    Love the bunny hat with cat eye glasses and your take on that li'l elf has me laughing out loud! :> Have a happy New Year!

  • photosbyruthie on said:

    Fun photos! So cute

  • Bethany on said:

    Love your photos…especially the still of you standing in NYC, but with the hustle and bustle of others moving around you! (BTW, how did you do that?). Cheers to a great 2013!

  • Marty on said:

    Great photos! You have a beautiful family. And Lincoln City! I live just south of there. Yay Oregon Coast! 😉

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