Obsessing over: Sleep. I am exhausted from this week. I was in California, again. It was another wonderful trip. I just need a good night’s sleep.

Working on: Prepping for Crafty Wonderland! I got in, yay!

Thinking about: How much I need to do this week. So much coming up, I’ll let you know what’s up soon. Hee!

Anticipating: Sleep. Ha!

Listening to: The Office is currently one.

Drinking: Water. Bedtime.

Wishing: I was in bed.

Was that the best post ever? Hmmmm. Ok, good night!

– Chelsey


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  • Ashley on said:

    BAHAHA! I am totes copying this post again! I love these- you should start a Friday night linky post for all of us brain-fried mamas 😀

    PS- Are you having any ad specials coming up? 😉

  • Jenn on said:

    I love that dress!!

  • Diana on said:

    Your dress is cute! Love the green.

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