Big Labor Day Weekend Sale on ad space!

So, this will be the craziest ad space sale I’ve had to date…. What is it? Buy one month of ad space and get the second month 75% off! OHmahgoodness. This sale will end on Monday night! That’s monday the 3rd at midnight. Weeeee!

How do you get this deal? Pick out the ad size you’d like (below or go to my sponsors tab), click and follow the instructions. To get the 75% off of the 2nd month, you must enter “2” into the quantity section for this deal to work. Then, enter the promo code! There are different promo codes for each ad size:

Buy one month, get the second month 75% off with these codes (enter 2 into the quantity when purchasing):

Extra Large: bigbigsaleexlarge

Large: bigbigsalelarge

Medium: bigbigsalemedium

Small: bigbigsalesmall

REMINDER: for this to work you do need to enter “2” into the quantity section of your ad purchase. 

I do offer free button creation to anyone that doesn’t have and/or knows how to make a button. Once you purchase your spot, email me and we can get the button made from one of your photos. And, if you’d like to start your ad at a later date, I can help you with that. Just put a note in the “about you” section stating at what date you’d like your 2 months to start. 

Happy Thursday!

P.S. if you already have an ad with me…. I just went ahead and added more time to your ad spot. <3

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