Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Zoo!

My sister has been in town for 2 weeks now! Last week we made our way to the zoo. We’ve been working on Ruari getting used to her Uncle Mike. She’s naturally wary of every boy/man she meets. Aaaand, since she only sees her Uncle and Aunt once a year for 2 months (they live in New Zealand) it takes a bit of getting used to.

Just time. Bribing with Elephants, horsies, and chocolate will win her over. Then, they’ll fly back to New Zealand and she’ll be sad (psst…. sister: move back to Oregon!!!). But, for now we will enjoy their visit… and, celebrate their wedding in 2 weeks!


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  • Lindsey on said:

    That is the cutest little baby elephant! Look at his bum!

  • Camille on said:

    The baby elephants are so cute!! My daughter is wary of new people too but by the time they leave, she doesn't want them to go lol!

  • amy on said:

    ha! Did you see my WW is about the zoo too? How special!

  • Milynn on said:

    Going to the zoo is always a fun time 🙂 It probably also put less pressure on your little one to get to know her aunt and uncle being in an environment like this 🙂

  • ericadhouse on said:

    Awww I lived away from all of my relatives growing up and was fearful of them for a while as well!

  • Laura on said:

    We went to the zoo for our WW, too! 😀 So happy you're all getting to spend so much time together while they're in the states for their wedding!

  • Sara on said:

    i love taking my kiddos to the zoo! it always takes my kids awhile to warm up to family when they haven't seen them in awhile. 🙂 so awesome that your sister is moving back! 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Well, she's here to get married… and, then she'll be headed back to NZ. She wont be moving back for a couple of years. 🙁

  • kristin on said:

    looks like such a fun time!! love going to the zoo!! loving the elephants!!

  • chichomeschoolmama on said:

    How fun to spend this time together. The zoo is a perfect way to spend the day

  • Valerie on said:

    I love that you pointed out the elephant poop! Hope it wasn't too hot @ the zoo, i went a few weeks ago & we got lucky with the only mild weathered day that week!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      It was chilly. We went at 9 am. Perfect. It can get too hot sometimes. And, I just wanted to make sure everyone knew where the poop was. 😉

  • Mallory on said:

    I love the zoo and I think my daughter probably likes it too. The only thing with where we live is that it is too hot to go right now and I'm pretty sure the animals agree because they are always hiding in the shade. So, naturally I'm jealous that Ruari is rocking long sleeves.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      It was surprisingly cold that morning! We went first thing… 9 am. Less people around. 🙂

  • alicia on said:

    Nothing wrong with being a bit leery of boys. ha.

  • Charisma Moran on said:

    Aww! I am sure she will warm up to him soon! So cute! =)

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Slowly. She's started saying hello and goodbye to him. 😉

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