Friday the 13th Ad Space Sale!

Heeey! I just realized it’s been a while since I had an ad space sale! SO, here you go! Perfect for anyone that’s been considering advertising… Here’s the deal:

Get 25% off when you buy one month of ad space. Using this code: PassionfruitParty2012

Get 35% off when you buy 2 months of ad space. Using this code: PassionfruitParty2months

This sale is going to end on July 20th! And, guess what… it’s now one million times easier to buy ad space from me… thanks to Passionfruit! I can’t. It’s so awesome. Click here to buy some space! I’m currently sold out of Extra Large, but you can always book out a spot for later.

– Chelsey

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  • Ashley on said:

    Hey Chelsey! I just purchased one month of advertising- I have no button though! 😉 I sent a picture along with my info and payment- is that all I need to do? Do you need anything else from me?

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