Happy Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day to my husband! This is a collection of videos my mom recorded on her little camera. I was still in surgery during this… and, I’ve avoided watching these videos because of the feelings it brings up. But, I’m happy I put this clip together. By the way: I totally balled when I watched the final version. I’m happy to have it and share it.

Happy Father’s Day to all you good dad’s out there too!

P.S. I put this together on Animoto.

– Chelsey


  • Rachel on said:

    She's beautiful! Love this. What a sweet way to celebrate 😀

  • Kat on said:

    this is so beautiful!

  • sarahracine on said:

    This is so wonderful. Thanks for sharing the sweetness and many blessings on your family!

  • Chelsea on said:

    Total tears. What a sweet girl she has become.

  • Andrea on said:

    Oh the sweetness!! You are so lucky to have these videos! Thanks for sharing this!

  • Andrea on said:

    Oh my, so sweet. This made me tear up as well!

    I was put under for my c section, too. I didn't get to hold Ruby until I woke up from surgery. I still haven't written about it, but this video really hits close to home for me.

  • JenB on said:

    It's so great that your mom took those videos! It made me tear up and I don't even know her 🙂 Poor babies! Becoming a person is tricky business. Thanks for sharing <3

  • Rachel on said:

    Thinking of your story, I totally bawled too. (it could be the pregnancy hormones also.) What a precious gift for your hubby.

  • Rachel on said:

    Thinking about your story, I totally bawled too. (it could also be the pregnancy hormones). That’s a really beautiful gift for your hubby.

  • Kate on said:

    I'm totally bawling too! Isn't amazing that brand new baby R still has some of the same features today? That was simply the sweetest thing!

  • cynthia on said:

    That was so sweet. Oh my goodness what a beautiful newborn she was!!!

  • Sabrina on said:

    Thank you for sharing this! I had a long surgery and recovery after my baby was born so I missed everything.
    I ask my husband all the time what they were doing with the baby while I was in surgery. He just gives me vague details.
    This video was actually really helpful for me to understand what was going on during that time! I worry that I missed
    so much and was so sad I wasn't there to comfort my little guy.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I was so sad when I first saw these videos 2 years ago, but I'm glad my mom recorded them.

    • Andrea on said:

      same for me! It allowed me to see what was going on while I was still in surgery too. Its nice to see what happens..

  • Sarah on said:

    Oh my. So sweet. I cried too.

  • Kara-Kae on said:

    Well dang, you made me cry my eyes out too! So incredibly sweet. And baby ruari looks just like big girl ruari 🙂

  • Brooke on said:

    Oh this is so so cute. What a special tribute. Happy father's day! 🙂

  • Jessie L on said:

    I cried with you 🙂 Awesome gift!

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