The baby book.

The baby book. It’s about darn time I finished this thing. Ruari’s headed towards 2 and a half and I finally finished a book on her first year. As a little mother’s day gift to myself…. I created this sweet little 5 x 5 book with Pinhole Press. It’s beautiful…. well, of course: it’s all about my favorite girl. This book is 60 pages…. I would have thought I could fit SO many photos into a book like this. BUT, it was so difficult. I wandered through and chose my favorite photos (out of seriously thousands) from each month of her first year. PLUS, I also included all the milestones I recorded and notes I wrote to her on my blog.

Her book came to me in the mail last Friday. I opened up the tiny package and was instantly in love. It’s so sweet I just want to hold it and hug it. I am so ready and excited to create the next one for Ruari’s second year!

Here are a few bit and pieces of my favorite pages…

 Do you love? Me too.

– Chelsey

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Thank you to Pinhole Press for sharing this book with me. I wasn’t paid for this review and all opinions are my own.


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  • alli on said:

    Beautiful! What is the really swirly font at the bottom of the April page?

  • Mariana on said:

    Your little girl was born just a few days after my little boy. 🙂
    (He doesn't have a complete book yet, but he will… 😉 Soon. I think.)

  • georgia on said:

    thank you for sharing this. i have been wanting to do something similar for when my son turns one next month. this gave me so much inspiration. it is really wonderful. i can see that your pregnancy photos and photos of the first year of your baby's life are beyond precious. what a gift. there is something so soothing and peaceful bout your blog! you can see it in every photo.

  • alicia on said:

    Love this. Sadly, my 10 year old still does not have a complete book. I'll have to look into this!

  • Lea on said:

    That is a fantastic capsule of your little girl's first year of life. What a great gift!

  • mrslltkings on said:


  • Leah on said:

    This is SO precious!

  • Karly on said:

    I'm pretty sure that's the coolest thing I've ever seen.

  • sarah scott on said:

    This is so super sweet. Love the scale of it – and LOVE the photo of your girl with her pacifier, covered in tattoos. ha!!

  • Mindi on said:

    I love it!!! I did a book for my first son for the first and second year. I need to get on it with my second son. Will have to look into using this company for his! Amazing!

  • editarodriguez on said:


  • Tilly on said:

    Oh my gosh. That is so, so beautiful!

  • The Photog Nazi on said:

    I adore photo books! Love how R's baby book came together. ^_^ I'm inspired! I have 4 kids and I'm up to 9 photo books but I'm sooo behind! I like them better than albums for sure. I love the idea of doing a baby book though!

      • The Photog Nazi on said:

        LOL thanks! Although over the course of the 5 years I've done them I would have hoped to have more. :/ I've used a different company but am now really wanting to check out Pinhole Press! Looks like an awesome quality book!

  • aliviagrace on said:

    It's gorgeous; reminds me of the one I did for Alivia last year. I used Mixbook. I'll have to check out pinhole. My goal is to do one every year for her. It'll be great for her to have when she gets older. I wish my mom did it for me.

  • Sarah on said:

    Wow, Chelsey! That is really really special. It's so sweet and will be a treasure for you now and R later. I love it!

  • marvelouscara on said:

    Oh my gosh! I love it; it's so perfect and beautiful. You rock at that kinda thing!

  • The Paper Mama on said:

    I absolutely adore my book. We will also be buying this book for the grandparents for Christmas this year. 🙂

  • Meghan on said:

    Aw, I love it! I really need to get my act together and put together something like this. It's just such a lovely idea!

  • Crystalyn Bryan on said:

    This is so sweet. Will you be doing one for every year? That would be so precious having them all on a book shelf when
    she's grown up!

  • Lisa Wieczorek on said:

    This is adorable!!! Your daughter was such a cute baby!!!

    love, lisa.

  • Makaila on said:

    amazing. I just checked out their site, I like!

  • Jeni on said:

    Love it! Once upon a time I started converting my blog to a baby book, the first year happened and now… well my oldest one is five so there is that. Your book turned out beautifully:)

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Maybe if you commit to making a book every few months or so… You can get caught up? 🙂

  • Zulay on said:

    I love it! I still haven't finished my daughter's book and she is two already… but i will! now I am inspired!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Time just gets past you…. I'm going to start on R's year 2 book now. 🙂

  • Amanda on said:

    i adore this and ironically i am in the process of making one for my little stella who turns one in a few weeks! i am also doing the 5X5 book and had SUCH a hard time narrowing down photos since i take a million per week. it looks like yours turned out beautifully 🙂 good work, mama!

    xo, amanda

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      You think you can fit more…. Then you start to run out of pages! I hope you love yours!

  • Heather on said:

    I do!! It's so precious!! Good for you finally getting it together. You will all treasure this !! I'm working on my daughter's high school scrapbook and going through all her photos and memorabilia from the last four years, wow it goes FAST!!

  • Leah on said:

    love. Love. LOVE this sweet book!

  • Faith R on said:

    WOW! I'll have to look them up!! That book looks AMAZING!!

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