R’s first year.

I’ve been in the process of gathering up and organizing the first year of Ruari’s life. If  you haven’t read it before… I’ll let you know a little something about me: I tend to procrastinate on home projects. So, I really didn’t want R’s first year to turn into one of those projects! At all. I’ve finished her baby book for the first year and now I created a short little video of my favorite video clips, bits, and  photos of the first 12 months using Animoto.

This little video is sort of a mama’s day gift for me. <3 I have roughly one million videos from R’s first year that are just sitting there on our mass storage drive. Doing nothing. I attempted to make a video montage on my old PC for her first birthday… it was an absolute frustrating disaster. I spent so much darn time on that thing and didn’t have anything to show for it since I couldn’t figure it all out. I think I’ll need to create a few different Animoto videos of my girl. I think next up is a food themed clip, then a year 2 video. I so wish I knew about this site when Ruari turned one and 2!

So lucky for me this was surprisingly simple and I’ve watched this video I made about 4 times already. Makes me smile/tear up! I can’t believe how small she was….

I really hope you enjoyed. I had fun creating it. I shared it with Ruari… she liked the first minute, then got distracted by something shiny and wandered away…. but, I know she’ll love it in the future. Do you have a ton of videos just sitting there? Doing nothing? Am I the only one? Anything to make my life easier is good in my book.

Plus, one more thing Animoto wants to share something with you all:

GIVEAWAY: One winner from my blog will receive a coupon code for a one-year subscription to Animoto Plus! (You’re also welcome to use this code: CleverFL to get a free full length video. Use it! It’s a great deal!)

For a chance To win just comment below answering this question, “Who are you making your video for?”

– Chelsey

Visit Animoto to create your own video slideshow as easily as I did! I was selected for this opportunity by Clever Girls Collective, and all opinions expressed here are my own. Be sure to check out the #CleverVideo twitter hashtag to see other Animoto videos around blog town. Giveaway ends on May 6th. 


  • Christina Main on said:

    What an amazingly lovely video. Just the sweetest thing ever. Hoping you're feeling better (if not, hoping you do SOON!)

  • Karyn on said:

    I would love to make a video of my baby that is due at the end of the month.

  • Missa on said:

    I would love to make a video to share with my whole family, especially my grandparents. They have dial-up internet so their connection is too slow for our YouTube videos on a regular basis. One short montage would work great for them!

  • Lovely Liz on said:

    I would make a video for my husband and my first 2 years of marriage…including our bulldog and pug of course ;D

  • Tiffany Ellis on said:

    I would love to make a video to share with my inlaws. They would love it 🙂

  • Meghan on said:

    Aw, how sweet! I'm in the same position- I have a TON of videos of my first son and tried to make something but failed. And now I have another son so I really have a lot of stuff I'd like make something out of.

  • Ivori on said:

    Super cute video. She has such a cute little pucker lip =) I would love to make some videos of my son's first couple years…

  • analee on said:

    i would make one for myself, of my children, of one day in their life. i need a moment stolen to remember forever. they grow way too fast. your video is lovely. you can really see how your photography skills progressed as well! great job!

  • Amy @ Maker Mama on said:

    Sweet video and congrats on your little one turning one! I'd love to work on making a family video–we have four kiddos and love watching home movies!

  • sabrina on said:

    Another first birthday here!! Baby boy turns one next week! 🙂

  • Allison Martin on said:

    I would love to make a video for my mom for Mother’s Day of special moments we’ve shared together.

  • Shoni on said:

    I'd love to do what you did and make a video using clips from my boys' first years. Sigh. I'm so technologically slow when it comes to video. Thanks for the chance. 🙂

  • Dana on said:

    So cute! I love the photo of her grabbing her little tummy rolls.

  • Esther on said:

    My son's birthday

  • Emily on said:

    I would make one for my son's first birthday as well 🙂

  • MommaExpat on said:

    I'd make one of my son for me, my husband, and when he's a bit older, for my son as well. We've watched videos before, he's gotten a big kick out of it!

  • Heather on said:

    I would love to make the video for myself, and then share it with our family who lives across the country. How beautiful!

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