Riding the Passionfruit train.

I finally took a moment to set up my Passionfruit account. I meant to start it when it first launched… but, life’s busy and I forget. A lot. SO, here I am. A Passionfruit lady! What is it? Well, pretty much it’s an amazing tool to run my ads for me. Instead of me setting up the html each and every month (lots of work)…

It’s really simple. Any person that wants to purchase ad space can head on over to my ad space page… click on the ad size they’d like, fill out the form, purchase, and done! Your ad is up!

And, to celebrate the awesomeness that is Passionfruit, here’s a fantastic discount code for you… yes. It’s good. 25% off your ad space! It’s simple. Just head to my sponsor page, choose you ad, and enter this into the promo code section (case sensitive):


I’d love to have you! And, if you run ads on your blog…. you should check out Passionfruit. Even if you don’t sell ads… if you just like doing ad swaps… just offer your readers a 100% off code to use. Awesome! Enjoy your discount!


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  • Life with Kaishon on said:

    You are so pretty. I don't know anything about ads but I do know you have a lovely smile : ) Hope your Wednesday is a very happy one.

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