Links I love this week

This is how Ruari plays hide ‘n seek.

Cauliflower Tater Tots. TOTally trying these out.

Did you see my first post on Better Homes and Gardens? Please, enjoy!

I want everything in this handmade jewelry shop. Ok?

I want to make this…. so bad! Maybe after we build a little front deck. Daybed!

Avocado Mac & Cheese? Yup.

Coolest reading nook in a closet. <3

Really cool idea in this post to color skewers for a party.

DIY Chalkboard paint!

I really love this camera strap cover! It’s lovely. Lacey!

Great idea! Perfect little card holder attached to your cell phone Awesome!

Dairy Queen Blizzard recipe? Yeeees.

Just Lovely started a Love Club… how about sweet goodies to you each month for a small price? I think yes.

Pinhole Press was so sweet and shared my baby book post on their site. Have you checked them out yet? You totally should

Hey! Don’t forget to enjoy a 25% discount on ad space! The discount ends soon lovelies!


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  • Elena on said:

    Awesome links; love the reading nook in the closet! Great idea.

  • paige on said:

    gah! i linked those camera straps, too. 🙂 adorable.

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