Better Homes and Garden contributor!

Hello! I am so happy and excited to share with all you lovelies: I am officially a contributor to Better Homes and Gardens online! What? Yes. I am still in shock… I’ve been in love with that magazine for as long as I can remember. And, now I am a part of it (in my own little way).

SO, today my first post will be up. I am sharing a DIY on how to create your own silhouette family tree using a photo edit program. There’s this wonderful image from BHG that I have been staring at for so long, and now I’m recreating it.

Please do give it a visit. I’m so very very excited about this dream come true opportunity! Stop by, say hello. Let me know what you think! And, enjoy.

A little preview of what I’m sharing:

P.S. Don’t forget to enjoy a 25% advertising discount! Ends in a couple weeks.

– Chelsey


  • Tiffany on said:

    That's awesome, congratulations!

  • Larajo on said:

    Beautiful project and wonderful opportunity. Many, many congratulations!

  • laurenbtrain on said:

    Congrats!!! So so awesome! You are big time now and I am glad to be one of your little followers 😀

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Oh goodness. Ha! I don't know about big time. BUT, thank you for reading. 🙂

  • shainalongstreet on said:

    How cool!! Congrats. And I love the silhouettes . 🙂 very neat.

  • Chelsea on said:

    Congratulations, that is so amazing. You deserve it!

  • Fallon on said:

    Oh my gosh! How exciting. I am so in love with BH&G. I hoard all my old copies of the magazine, even with the wonderful creation of pintrest, I cant get rid of my inspiration mags!! Congrats!!

  • Brandy on said:

    That's huge!! Major congrats!!

  • Liz on said:

    That is awesome!!! Can't get much more classic than BHG. Congratulations!!

  • Laura on said:

    How exciting–can't wait to check out your tutorial! 😀

  • Jenna on said:

    Congrats lady! How awesome! (I too am a super fan of that magazine!) Can't wait to see you on my iPad!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      Hee! Well, I'll be in the online version. BUT, you'll have to stop by the style spotters blog. P.S. can't wait to see you in NY!

  • Amy@love bug blog on said:

    WOW!!! What an incredible opportunity! Congratulations, you must be THRILLED! I'd say this calls for some celebratory wine, yes?

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