Cute little party favors!

I mentioned last week that we had my friends wedding, bachelorette party, and shower all in one weekend… Well, the shower was at my home and I needed some quick and inexpensive favors. I ran to my local store and picked up four of those 6-pack annuals. 4 different types of flowers. I cut the packs up so I ended up with 24 individual flowers… wrapped them in some plastic cello sleeves I already had, tied twine around the outside, and put a little custom tag on.

I put all the flower’s info on the tags so their new owners would know where to plant them. So, the total cost of this little project came out to $12. I already had the twine and plastic sleeves, so no need to purchase those. BUT, they aren’t really that expensive if you need to buy them.

We displayed the favors in a tiered cupcake holder. Everyone loved them! The best part is… if any of these favors are left over… you just have plants (instead of a ton of candles or shot glasses…).

These would also be a pretty great favors for weddings. It was all so easy to assemble… and, the cost is around .50 cents each.

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  • Melissa on said:

    I have done this a couple time except once I used parchment paper and the other time I used brown wrapping paper.
    The plastic cello looks much easier to tie a string around though! Love the blog!!!

  • catie on said:

    adorable ~ simple ~ perfection

  • Julie on said:

    I love this idea!! So much so that I'm now looking for a reason to throw a party that needs favors.. Maybe I'll just start giving out flowers at the coffee shop and market and gas station and laundromat and so on! Haha.

  • Jen @ Ginger Guide on said:

    Love this! I'd much rather have had this as a favor at the last wedding I attended. Instead I got a framed picture of the couple who I didn't even know that well. It was awkward so I just left it on the table.

  • Delia on said:


  • sarschro on said:

    Fabulous idea!!!

  • roxana on said:

    what kind of flowers were the pink ones? mine are going crazy blooming!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I think it was called a Gypsy flower. Can't remember. 🙂

  • bipolarmomlife on said:

    Super cute!! I love this idea. May need to try it for the next baby shower I plan. Great photos!

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