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Hello Paper Mama readers!  My name is Maryam and I blog over on Pamplemousse1983.  I’m popping in to fill in for Chelsey while she’s taking a vacation which is funny because I’m currently writing this from Brussels where I’m visiting family.  In fact Chelsey wrote a guest post for me while I’m on vacation that you can check out later this month.

I’m currently on vacation for 3 weeks which is quite a long time to live out of a suitcase.  Since we’re traveling with an almost 10 month old I didn’t want to waste a ton of precious suitcase space on beauty products.  Here’s what I ended up taking:

Maybelline Dream Bouncy blush
Maybelline Baby Lips tinted lip balm (have you tried it?  It’s the best!)
Maybelline Falsies mascara
Rimmel Kohl eyeliner
e.l.f. eyeshadow pallet
eyeliner brush
tiny Nordstrom perfume sample spritzer with Viktor & Rolf Flowerbomb

In general my makeup routine is pretty simple which made packing my makeup bag fairly easy.  I usually keep my basic face routine by using blush, a bit of eyeliner and some mascara.  The thing I play with most is my eyeshadow which is why I love a pallet.  You don’t have to take a bunch of different little pots and pull everything out of your bag when you’re getting ready every morning.

I’ve also started using Maybelline Baby Lips in place of Chapstick.  It goes on nice and smooth, moisturizes and doesn’t get caught in the chaps on your lips like lipstick does.  All pluses in my book. Plus it gives just a hint of color so I don’t have to worry about lipstick fading and leaving a ring around my mouth or smearing.  And I can put it on without a mirror.

You may notice that I only brought an eyeliner brush.  The eyeshadow pallet actually comes with an applicator but I find the best applicator is usually my finger.  I use my pinky for inner and outer corners and my pointer for the center of my eyelid and browbone.  I don’t have to pack extra brushes and I can always find the finger I’m looking for.  The one thing my fingers can’t do is put on a precise line so I bring the eyeliner brush to add eyeshadow over my liner to lock it in place.

The last thing I wanted to mention was the Nordstrom sample spritzer.  Dude.  I used to sometimes take perfume with me on trips but it would ALWAYS leak.  Even if I kept it in a ziplock my whole suitcase would end up stinking.  Then I found these little spritzers at Nordstrom.  They are tiny and will hold any scent (obviously) and will fit in even the tiniest purse.  And bonus: it didn’t leak in my bag!  SWEET.  They’re free in the perfume section at Nordstrom.

How much makeup do you usually take with you on trips?  Do you like to take your usuals or try new products?


Thank you so much to Maryam for taking some time to share some sweet travel tips with us. <3 I really appreciate it! Please, stop by and say hello to her blog! Pamplemousse!


  • Lori W on said:

    I love the photo with the little hand included! Made me giggle. I also use the SAME makeup daily, but it includes the Urban Decay NAKED 2 palette, which has quite a bit of good neutral (but sparkly!) variety. I have used the same mascara (Voluminous by L'Oreal) and eyeliner (Estee Lauder) since high school and have about 20 different lip glosses roaming around my purse.

  • Roxana on said:

    I have heard such great things about that Maybelline Baby Lips lip balm! I am going to have to check it out. 🙂

  • Nicole on said:

    I'm usually going for long vacations overseas like you (live in New Zealand, but I'm paper mama's sister, so I go to Oregon). I could learn a few things from you. I have a nasty packing habit of acting like I live there and take everything.

    • Maryam on said:

      I've learned to downsize over the years. Especially since carrying a baby PLUS all my crap really really sucks, ha!

  • Sara Stoff on said:

    Aw, I love Maryam. And that last picture with little Margaux's hand holding her necklace- too cute!

  • Suburban Sweetheart on said:

    I take the same amount of makeup with me every time, every day, whether I'm going to the coffee shop or across the sea. I have a little Kate Spade pouch in my purse that never changes contents! It's got Urban Decay Perversion liquid eyeliner, Murad medicated concealer, Urban Decay eyeshadow primer, Urban Decay mascara, a tiny Jouer lip gloss, Benefit Erase Paste, & a Maybelline Lip Butter. I also carry Makeup Forever foundation, but it doesn't fit in the pouch!

  • Emma @ Boy Oh Boy on said:

    I take the exact same things wherever I go….. I use Clinique moisture surge tinted moisturised, clinique mascara, urban decay naked palette, benefit blush, benefit browzings for my eyebrows. The only thing that changes day to day is whether I wear eyeliner also (normally if im out OUT) and what colours/ shades I use from the urban decay naked palette….. i don't do a lot of COLOUR…. so the naked palette does everything I need 🙂

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      I don't do much color either. Just with the lips these days. 🙂

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