Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Last weekend.

Last Saturday Mike and I celebrated Valentine’s Day… a little early. It was a wonderful day. I started off the day with Miss R. We had a little breakfast date… just her and I. Then, we shipped her off to Grandma’s house for the night. I wore lipstick! Yeah! Mike made a delicious… delicious!!!! delicious dinner. Sadly… there were no veggies. We took a break from healthy for the evening: steak with blue cheese sauce and homemade mac and cheese. OMG. Talk about awesome. I’m still full… well, not full enough to stop me from eating some mac and cheese leftovers. Hee her hee. P.S. Did you know that they make Little Golden Books in hard book form? I did not. Awesome! The cutest illustrations.

Anywho…. after our amazing dinner we wandered to a wine bar where we consumed… well, wine. And, played card games with my bro and his girl. And, of course… we ended the night old-people-style nice and early and came home to watch some Hoarders on Netflix… with, more wine! Such a perfect evening. P.S. Mr. Hubs does not like getting his photo taken. That’s the best I could get for the evening. Hee.

 How was your Valentine’s?

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  • Tara on said:

    I have hundreds of Little Golden Books in hardback. I love how vintage they are now but when I was a kid, they were just new. Haha. SO glad that R can enjoy them too!

  • Kat on said:

    OO I LOVE Malbec

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  • kodi on said:

    I'm dying over your lipcolor. It's perfection. Care to share what it is? 🙂

  • Sara on said:

    love the pic of you and your hubby! you guys are so cute! 🙂

  • Jen on said:

    sounds like a perfect pre Vday date night! Thank you for posting all about it!! p.s. my hubby does NOT like his photo taken either, but he also does not like taking photos, so there is rarely a photo of myself OR him. At least YOUR hubs takes YOUR photos! lol 😉

    p.p.s) love Malbec wine!

  • hollow tree ventures on said:

    Sounds perfect! Man, I can't remember the last time I wore lipstick ::sigh:: You've inspired me – I'm going to put some on, even if all I do all day is pick the kids up from school!

  • Karly on said:

    All I did for V-Day is fold and pack clothes, and reward myself with cookies and Reese's PB Hearts. Yum. Hubs is 45 miles away so no fun for us until after we get all moved into our new place on the other side of the valley!

  • rachel on said:

    I just love that first photo. So pretty!

  • Laura on said:

    A day out capped off by an evening of watching hoarders?! That sounds like my kind of night! 😀 (Our Valentine's Day was pretty low-key yesterday, but the husband did get me a giant bag of Reese's Pieces…swoon! :D)

  • Mandy Chiappini on said:

    MM… steak and mac & cheese. My mouth is watering. Honestly, our Valentines Day was LAME. But it's our fault. My husband and I have never celebrated V-day mostly because we just decided to skip the hallmark holidays and save our money for other stuff. So this year, we did nothing. We talked about going to dinner, but then when the time to leave rolled around I was so exhausted that I decided to just go upstairs and lay down for a little while. I'm such a downer. Ha ha. But I've decided that from now on, we'll start doing a little something special on valentines day, since we have kids now. I think it'll be fun.

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      We just use it as an excuse to eat a good meal! 😀 It was actually super low budget. We don't swap cards. 🙂

  • Liz on said:

    Those gold shoes are the bomb 🙂 And I like that very first picture.

    I'm glad you had such a nice Valentines … the understated homey creature comfort holidays are the best, IMHO.

  • NessaBixler on said:

    You must have the biggest-best-est shoe fairy on your shoulder ever! All your great shoes – then those fromt he thrift store!

    Dinner sounds delish!

  • Kara on said:

    Love those shoes!! Looks like you had a great night!

  • angie on said:

    that is a cute pic of you and your hubs. love how blue both your eyes look and the pop of red from your lips!

  • April on said:

    I LOVE that pic of you and Mike! Your eyes are gorgeous! (haha- well, I'm assuming they are BOTH gorgeous… unless you walk around like Popeye.) 😉

  • heather on said:

    Aww …love the pic of you and Mr Hubs! Sounds like a perfect V'day. we didn't really do much last night but all 3 of us girls got flowers from Daddy!

  • Veronica @ Germlisch on said:

    Great collection of photos! And you rock that red lipstick!
    mmmm wine! *jealous!*
    Happy WW!

  • countingkisses on said:

    Love that pic of you guys at the top of your post! Your shoes are pretty awesome too. 🙂 The Hubs & I also celebrated Valentine's Day on Saturday & came home after dinner to watch a movie {with wine!}. Great minds think alike. 🙂

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