Thrifting has always been a part if my life… But, when I was little it was more of a necessity… Not as “cool” as it is today. We couldn’t afford to buy new clothing, so that’s where we went. It never really bothered me (although, I do remember being embarrassed about it a couple times when I was little). I enjoyed our trips to the local Goodwill or consignment shop or garage sale! The truth is: you CAN find really nice quality clothing and items while thrifting.


When I got older we were lucky enough to not HAVE to buy used anymore. I slowly moved away from it…. Especially as a teenager who thought it was uncool.  But, now that I’m “wiser” (ha) and even older… I’ve found myself moving back to thrifting. It started slowly a few years ago…. And, I’m happy to say I buy about 80% of home items, clothing, and even gifts are found thrifting. It’s possible to find good quality items for gifts and your everyday life. So many of the items I buy while thrifting are brand new/barely used.
While thrifting is a lot more work than just popping over to amazon to buy something…. It’s worth it in the long run. Yes, I still love brand new items (::hi target::) but, there’s something so exciting about finding an entire outfit for $8! Instead of $200… And, I’m the treehugger that likes the fact that maybe there’s less waste out there when I buy thrifted. Maybe.


Sooo…. just a little note on the sweet items in the photos… All the colorful glasses are my new wineglasses! When I have friends over… we all have kids and the stemware wineglasses just don’t work with little/sticky grabby hands everywhere. The gold frame (with the girl kitty print that is from The Black Apple) was $1 thrift along with the $2 Mary Had a Little Lamb vintage frame and print for Ruari’s room.




  • Ashley Elliott on said:

    I am such a thrifter and I can totally relate to having to be a thrifter when I was younger and then doing now it because it is awesome;)

  • Rebecca Acker on said:

    I was never really into going to thrift stores, but I do like garage saling. It is fun to find things that you never would've otherwise found. Looks like you found some cute items thrifting!

  • Jen on said:

    I am the same way, now that I am older (a mom, a wife, and an avid bargain hunter!) I loove thrifting. My husband doesn't get it AT all unfounfortunately. He just tells me to go out and get what I want/need brand new. (Le sigh).

    P.s I LOVE the above glasses!

  • Heather on said:

    I love thrifting too! I'll have some Pinot Noir when I come over. 🙂

  • Rachel on said:

    I love thrifting. It takes some serious perseverance around where I live. We have a large family so searching things out from everyone is a constant hunt. Plus, when we moved internationally, we dumped most everything we owned. Now some of it needs replacing so we're doing it through thrifting the best that we can. Lovely wine glasses.

  • Laura on said:

    Such great finds! I love to go thrifting, but the pickin' is pretty slim down here in El Paso. But that doesn't stop me from looking! 😀

  • Jess Judkins on said:

    Growing up we always thrifted and I was teased about it! But I was also teased about my big angelina jolie lips in jr high by the same boys who tried to date me in high school…I ignored them 😉

    Growing up we would stop in front of peoples homes that would trash stuff they didn't want. Visited goodwills, yard sales, flea markets. It was a typical saturday morning to wake up grab coffee and go to yard sale after yard sale. Those were some of the best memories I have as a kid. Now I get to share those memories with my son Judah. At 14 months he is the greatest little thrift buddy 🙂

    PS I was just talking to a mama I had over today telling her I needed to "thrift" all new drinking glasses to replace the super thin and expensive ones I received as wedding gifts. I want thrifted mismatched cute drinking glasses 🙂

  • Missa on said:

    I love love love mismatchy glasses. I should definitely check out the thrift stores in my neighborhood. There are so many!

  • Robin on said:

    Man, I need to start thrifting. I just don't even know where to go 🙁

  • Tara on said:

    I agree, I love your thrifting posts! I wish you lived next to me so we could go and you could teach me how to find the goods! I hardly find anything when I go! But I know I am missing things!

  • colourherhope on said:

    love it and agree! pretty glassware finds!

  • Sara on said:

    i love your thrifting posts!! love the glasses!! I buy most things thrift now. i have 3 good wills and 3 consignment shops (close to where i live to browse in often! I love it!! 🙂

  • Kati on said:

    Awesome! I want to start thrifting more. The outfits you put together are always so cute! I have fond memories of garage-sale-ing with my mom when I was younger. :>

  • Danielle on said:

    I love the little girl print and the frame. Ruari is a lucky lady – her room must be so fancy!!

  • Kara on said:

    Love it! I'm still getting into thrifting. Our closest Goodwill is like a half hour away so I only go every so often.

  • Sabrina on said:

    I love thrifting too! And I love the Black Apple! I have her prints all over the house.

  • mel on said:

    Lovely finds! I totally share your sentiments… and now that we're a young family – and stuck to a TIGHT budget – I see why my own parents stuck with thrifting when I was young. I still think its funny we all say 'thrift' and 'vintage' when we really mean we're broke as brown beans to afford anything else… haha! Have a beauty week Chelsey! ;o)
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