Links to love this week.

My sister shared this website with me. It’s pretty cool…. I pretty much murder anything I plant in my garden ::they need to be watered?:: Anyway, this website tells you when/where to plant. Very neat.

My friend is awesome. She’s started blogging again.

Ok, I had this bagel cream cheese and lox last weekend for breakfast at Kenny and Zukes… ever since then I have been craving it! How awesome is this pizza? Looks DELICIOUS.

Mrs. 25 Design had her little baby boy! Yay!

Did you see my Valentine’s freebie printables? Enjoy!

I love this DIY Valentine’s project.

Mandy shared this video from the Ellen show. Pretty much… it’s adorable. Kristen Bell is adorable. I cried/laughed. Hee.

This is how I sing my ABC’s.

How about some bacon hearts for your loved one!

Jess shared this video with me the other day. Love it.

So, this is awesome! A little tabletop camera dolly/stand thing. Awesome!

Love the “We All Grow Up” post from Just Lovely Things.

P.S. I love everyone’s self photos. You can share yours here and be entered to win $100 towards a custom illustration from me. Yay!


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  • Jess Judkins on said:

    Love the sloth video! I've seen it at least a dozen times 🙂

    Forwarded your links to my family, to my step mom to make bacon hearts for my step dad for valentines day (told her to dip them in chocolate) and the planting guide 🙂 Im always calling to see when I can plant what 🙂

  • Lydia. on said:

    I totally cried when I watched the sloth video, too!
    She is just so cute.
    It's funny–I think I sometimes forget that celebrities are real people and have their own silly, normal little quirks.
    I loved it! : )

  • Nicole on said:

    The pizzas in New Zealand are all like that… Like that flavor and plus lots of other really interesting ones like that. Totally different than American style pizzas. You should visit 🙂

    I had a pizza that looked like that about 2 weeks ago.

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