New pair…. of glasses.

My outfit: << Glasses: Thrift for $2!!!!//Jeans: F21// Shoes: Anthropologie >>

How about starting the New Year with some new glasses? Yeah! I’ve been wearing prescription glasses since I was in 4th grade. My first pair of 90’s style glasses we’re pretty darn amazing (umm…. they may or may not be totally in style again… I’m talking large/square/and in charge). I’m totally and completely embarrassed by all photos of me with those darn frames. I’ll have to share a photo soon.  My old glasses were pretty terrible. Luckily my new pair: cute.
So, was very nice and I didn’t have to buy glasses this time! They were sweet enough to send me a pair for free! To love and enjoy. Even if I’m not wearing eyeglasses I need to be wearing some sort of contacts. Pretty much I’m VERY blind. As in… I can’t legally drive without glasses… yeah… that bad.
What do you guys think? Do you love them? I think I do. I think they’re just the right size. They’re very comfy… just my style. Love them. 
IF you’d like you’re own pair of sweet glasses… for a very good price… I want to share some discounts with you! For 20% off glasses with free shipping use code: New2012 
You’re welcome! Enjoy! Let me know which pair you chose! ;D
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