Links to love this week.

via Harpers Happenings

Remember my Paper Terrarium? Well, this lovely lady used my printout to create a mossy wreath! So cute you guys! PLUS… Mandy added her own fun addition to the terrarium. Cute!

I’m absolutely loving Lisa Congdon’s 365 days of Hand Lettering. 😀

Are you guys up for a challenge? Danielle has a week long clean eating challenge for you! I like it.

My dear friend is pregnant. Congrats!

So, I can only read bits and pieces of this (my Spanish is VERY rusty)… but, I get the idea and I think the photos are adorable! Cute idea for headbands for Ruari.

I met Uncle Beefy at Alt! I’m sad we didn’t get to chat more… but, I do enjoy his blog and I think you will too!

Thee most awesome and inexpensive DIY clock idea ever! So cool… you have to look!

I’m soooo excited to read more and follow Drea’s journey to a food truck! Very cool.

Do you have a boy? Well, Miss Mandey will be selling some adorable bow ties soon! Pre-order! Yeah handmade! ::high fives::

Stop working for free.

I knew I wasn’t the only one that loved washi tape! Cute way to wrap presents!

P.S. The last day to enter my $100 ModCloth giveaway is coming up! Enter soon. Oh, and: if you entered a couple weeks ago and don’t see your comment… no worries. I have all of them saved. I still cannot get my old comments back from my move to wordpress. :/ <— frustrated face.


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  • Jodi Hall on said:

    More fun links! Love checking out new stuff 😀

  • Uncle Beefy on said:

    Thanks so much for the link love! 🙂 And, for the new introductions! The terrarium rocks! Lovin' the DIY clock! And, can't wait to read about the food truck adventures! Awesomesauce! Have a loverly weekend! 🙂

  • Leah on said:

    Thanks so much for the links this week! I LOVE the paper terrarium & the wreath is also sooo great!
    I somehow missed Ashley Sisk's anoouncement! I gotta head over & congratulate her!
    And yes, I think i'm up for the clean eating challenge w/ danielle. i was hoping it would be sugar free, but I totally get why she's doing clean eating. I might do a little research & still do the sugar free thing!

    • The Paper Mama on said:

      It's so neat. I have to do a little more research before I start… ::said as I eat a piece of chocolate::

  • JenB on said:

    You can find the English for those headbands there 🙂 Maybe you already found that though.
    I've said this before, but thanks for always sharing all your great finds! People always look at my like I'm crazy when I say I read blogs, but that's how I find things 🙂

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