Time to Vote! The Holiday Photo Challenge top 30!

So, I know I said I would have a top 20 to vote from, but there was just NO way I could narrow it down to 20. It was hard enough choosing a top 30! SO, say hello to the top 30 (in no particular order). 
It’s time to vote! Pick your top 3 favorite photos by voting in my polldaddy poll below! You can vote for your fave three through Wednesday. From there the judges and I will pick the first, second, and third place winners from the top 10! Good luck! Have fun!

{Hi, Baby}

{Tonight, we dine on milk}

{Don’t Blink Tammy}

{Six Cherries on Top}

{Olive Observer}

{The New Modern Momma}

{This Little Home of Mine}

{Dramatic Mama}

{Ribbons and Bows and Pink Sparkly Toes}

{A Sorta Fairytale}

{Luvin Life}

{The Mom Diggity}

{Nurse Loves Farmer}

{Jolio Design}

{Brenda Shares}

{Ashley Sisk}

{Gran in Training}

{Good Knits}


{The Bonjour Family}
{Hot Coffee Mama}

{Keeping up with the Kohuts}

{Naptime Momtog}

{The Real Housewife of H20Ville}

{The Fabulous Baby Striblings}

{Holland Seasons}

{Life in Pajamas}

{L to the Third}


{The Mommyhood Memos}

Guess what: there are prizes for the winners! Yay! I’d like to thank the sponsors for donating! Thank you so much (First place winner picks a prize first, followed by second, followed by third place)!

– $50 shop credit to Gussy Sews shop.
– A Shine necklace from The Shine Project!
– $25 shop credit to Barely Measured.
– Beautiful Harper Wavy Shell Earrings from PoshLocket.
– $25 Shop credit to Pink Lemonade.
– $20 shop credit to The Paper Mama Shop.

The Paper Mama


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