Cute custom ornaments!

There was an artist I met at the event I went to last weekend in Washington. She just had a tiny little booth… covered in ornaments…. and paint markers. Turns out she would create a custom ornament for you… for pretty cheap. The small ornaments were $10 each. I had a little ornament created of Mr. Angus in his Christmas sweater (see above). AND…. since I know Mike’s parents don’t read my blog (not really computer people)… we also got them an ornament of their pup: Llewe! I love them. Ruari loves them too!!!

Here’s her eBay shop if you want to see her work. If you’d like to order something you can email her here: sullivan_artist {at} hotmail {dot} com

AND… it’s almost Christmas! Yay! That means: don’t forget to enter your holiday photo into my freakin awesome Holiday Photo Challenge! What? Yes!


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