50 DIY Days with Twenty Five Designs: Striped Vase Tutorial

Day 35: Spray Painted Striped Vase

Hey there! My name is Torie and you can usually find me hanging out at Twenty Five Design Blog talking about my crazy 2 year old, and sporting a baby bump all while trying to keep fashionable. That’s a hard thing to do when you are pregnant!
I originally saw these vases on Pinterest and thought they would be a pretty center piece for the holidays. They actually were really easy to do and look so pretty in the evening.
What you will need:
– A glass vase. (you can do as many as you’d like. These were left over from our wedding and just sitting in the garage.)
– Twine, string or yarn. The thickness depends on what type of look you are going for.
– Scotch tape.
– White spray paint.
– Scissors
-Coffee beans for filler
-Tea lights (or any kind of candle will do)
The first thing you will do is make sure your glass is clean. After that you want to flip your vase over and tape down one end of your twine. The picture shows the tape in the middle, but I found that putting it closer to the edge works better (where the arrow is pointing).
Now you want to wrap your vase very tightly with the twine/string. Trust me, keep it tight other wise it will fall off. You don’t have to make it perfect either. Play around with it until you get your desired look and then tape the other end to the bottom.
Next, take you vase outside and place it on an old newspaper.
This next step will depend on what type of look you are going for with your paint. You can spray it very sheer or apply it heavy. I would suggest heavier but not to where you can’t see through the glass at all–just enough to wear you will see a bit of the candle light peaking through.
Let that dry completely. Then you will take the tape off of the bottom and remove your twine.
You can either put a candle inside or follow the next couple of steps for something different.
It was hard to find at the store, but I got a pack of whole (not ground) coffee beans and filled my vases about 1/4 of the way each.
Then I placed a tea light inside.
Make sure you use a long match or lighter to light your candles. They are hard to get to other wise.
And now you have a beautiful new center piece for very little cost. You can add garland, stones or any other embellishment to go around the outside of your vases. I will be spray painting some more coffee beans and scattering them around the plate that the vases are on.
Thank you SO much to Torie from Twenty Five Designs! Those are perfect for a sweet Christmas table centerpiece! 😀 Thank you for joining my 50 DIY Days of Christmas!

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