A little candle makeover

Well….. this week will be pretty much ALL about my girl, Ruari. Yup. She will be 2 years old this next Sunday!!! Wow. Oh, my…. 
Well…. I saw a while back on the Pinterest (yup…. I’m crazay ’bout Pinterest)…. a blinged out birthday candle! I thought I’d try out my own candle. I think the candle was cute and all as is when I bought it… BUT, I thought it would look a lot better with some bling all over it…. SO, here it is! Before and after:

I’m excited for it! BY the way…. I didn’t really think about it before I created this thing… but, glue doesn’t really stick to wax. Yeah. SO, I did a first layer of hot glue…. then, I glued on the gems. It worked. 🙂
Are you ready for a Ruari photo countdown! I am! Starting tomorrow!!!!!! Yay!
AND… FYI: your last day to enter the Holiday Photo Challenge to win some pretty neat prizes is Friday! Yay!


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