Some links to LOOOoooove.

Ok, this list is hilarious! You probably need to be a parent to truly get it. Emily shared this with me.

I LOVE pumpkin seeds. This simple recipe looks delicious.

Her blog banner makes me smile. 🙂

Goal: try out this silhouette tutorial and work it!

This is a lovely blog I stumbled upon…. her photos are just so lovely and inspiring. New read for sure!

This jewelry is lovely. I have been eying her pieces for some time.

I wish I could afford this original piece.

Have any of you tried Scentsy? I haven’t. But, I may try. Apple is my FAVORITE smell.

I’ve met this sweet blogger during the PNW gathering in September. Love her style.

Jess from IROCKSOWHAT and I are raising money to go to Alt Design Summit!

One of my new sponsors. She’s super sweet!

Hee! And, to get the giggles watch the History of Rap!


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