Respect the Roll

Thank you to Cottonelle for encouraging me to Respect The Roll by sending me these awesome roll covers and Cottonelle Clean Care product and sponsoring my creativity. You can enter to win roll covers yourself by visiting Cottonelle’s Facebook page!

I’ve said it before… and, I’m about to say it again: my home is TAH-iny (I’m talking less than 950 sq. ft.). Closets weren’t a common thing built into a house in 1920 and…. they certainly did not include them in our home. In later years a very small closet was added to Ruari’s room… and, after we bought our home we built one in our living/dining area (where we currently keep the majority of our clothes). 
The bathroom is no exception. No closets. Just a couple of ikea cabinets. No where to place our toilet paper except on an open shelf. Time to respect the roll for sure! AND: keep the roll safe and dry for our naughty/curious toddler… many many times I’ve found an entire roll of TP spread through out the home. 🙂 Cottenelle has created these roll covers and sent me a three covers to get creative with in my home… oh, I did!

First I placed the roll cover on the toilet (obvious spot… I know)… then, I thought maybe I could see if I could incorporate the other parts of the home…. maybe….

Then…. I thought… hmmm, I bet one of these containers would be perfect to store Ruari’s crayons…. 

AND… then, I really lost my mind and decided to get WAY to creative with the whole thing…. I turned the 3rd one into a little mushroom container! I can use this mushroom container to both RESPECT the roll and even in Ruari’s room for storage.

Ruari’s room has a woodsy/Pacific NW theme. SO, it works perfect for storage. BUT, it will also fit into our bathroom just fine.This little mushroom was made with felt, a little paint, the container, and some sewing. 
Do you Respect the Roll? I do now! 😀 You can check out more Respect the Roll info here. AND, visit their facebook page!


Thank you again to Cottonelle for sponsoring this blog post. Please click here to learn more about Respecting The Roll. I was selected for this sponsorship by the Clever Girls Collective. All opinions expressed here are my own.

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