No Heat Curl video! Free.

Hi friends! I woke up the other day to a few emails in the inbox all with the same subject line: No Heat Curl. That was curious… All of them were telling me the same thing: the No Heat Curl video is either private now OR that the lady is charging $30 to view. SO… I knew right away I just needed to create my own video. While I’m happy for this lovely lady and I hope she’s making some money…. I just don’t want a video on my blog that you all would have to pay $30 to watch. 
So, there you go. I hope my video helps! I do this No Heat Curl ALL the time. I added a couple of tips to the video from all the practice I’ve had with it: Not wrapping my bangs all the way, putting my hair up when it’s damp, using the Aquage defining gel in wet hair, and pinning up that last little bit of hair in the back of the head that’s hard to curl. Enjoy!

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  • Jessica on said:

    Wow that's awesome! I'll have to try this 🙂

  • Tyler on said:

    I am trying this out as of now! Hope it works..see ya in the AM.

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