50 DIY Days with Mama and the Dudes: Mini Yarn Ball Ornaments

Day 28: Hey Paper Mama readers!
I’m Mandey from Mama and the Dudes. As a mom to a couple of sometimes too curious boys, I know how important it is to have ornaments that aren’t going to cause problems if they get into little hands. So, I’m here to show you guys how to make simple and quick (and cheap) mini yarn ball ornaments.

  1. Holding the beginning of the yarn in place, wrap the yarn around the ball evenly. 
  2. Once covered, cut the yarn and hide the end by tucking it in under a wrapped strand. (You can use a little glue if you really need to.)
  3. To make it into an ornament to hang, take another strand of yarn (I used contrasting) and weaved it under a few pieces of yarn. Tie the ends in a simple knot and that’s it!
Another cool thing about these is you don’t have to make them into a hanging ornament. You could also fill a large clear vase or jar with them for a cute holiday accent or even glue them to a wreath for your door. 
Happy crafting!
Thank you SO much to Mandey from Mama and the Dudes! What a LOVELY guest post. I see myself making these this year! 😀 Thank you for joining my 50 DIY Days of Christmas!

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