50 DIY Days with Adeline’s Daddy: Vintage Style Silhouette

Day 26: Don AKA Adeline’s Daddy here, and today we are going to make some vintage style silhouettes… with a holiday twist. I’m going to lay out how this can be made by hand and on a computer… AND I am including a link to download art files that you can use to help create your own.
1) You are going to want to pick a subject. It can be you husband, wife, cat, dog, or even favorite pair of shoes (I know you ladies), however, I’m going to guess that many of you are going to want to go the route that I did which is you child. I have chosen my Daughter Adeline as my willing participant (did I say willing?) Grab a camera and try to get an area that is backlit (a window with a curtain works well).  Try to get some help (thanks wifey), because getting a photo of a kids profile is not as easy as it would seem. Snap that photo and let the fun begin… 
2) Import the photo to your computer and do some simple editing (if you can, if not, you can skip right to printing out, see next step). I suggest upping the contrast and trying to get rid of some of the midtones. You can also zoom and erase and draw in areas to get the right shape. *** For digital version, you will need to fully clean the file and I suggest finishing in illustrator (if you can). 
3) Size appropriately and print out. If you use the frame that I created, I would suggest going no wider than 4″ and no taller than 5″.  You can take your printout and make any adjustments with a marker. I added some eyelashes, reshaped the curve at the bottom, and tightened up her cute curling baby mullet. 
4) Adhere your printout to a black piece of construction paper. I used some masking tape around the edges so nothing would mess up the paper where the image is. I would suggest cutting the paper down first so there isn’t a lot of wiggle room. 

5) Cut that precious little honey out and admire what you’ve created (in more ways than one). 

6) Print out the frame and extra embellishment files that I have created just for you (see downloads)… and repeat steps to cut out (color paper can be a nice touch) and mix and match…. Should she be Addy the Red Nosed Cutiedear?… 

 hmmmm… get some glue, make some decisions… I’m going with… 
…or if you are working digitally, you can end up with something like this… 
I have added a page over at my blog where you can download the art files to create these, along with some extras (preview below). You can also add your own touches with watercolors, markers, etc.
What do you think Addy Claus, did we have fun?


Thank you SO much to Don from Adeline’s Daddy! What a LOVELY guest post. I am SO doing this! Thank you for joining my 50 DIY Days of Christmas!

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