50 DIY Days: Rainy Day Jar for kids.

Day 23: Hmmm, what? YES: another jar DIY! ;D They are just so simple and cute and inexpensive to make for little gifts for the holidays!
Today I’m sharing the Rainy Day Jar. My girlfriends and I are now overrun with children… 😉 Hee, they outnumber us! Buying presents for each and every one of them… just isn’t even a possibility. The cost is way too much. Bring in, the Rainy Day Jar. It’s a fun DIY gift to give. This jar can be saved for those rainy day boredom and blues! Glue, scissors, puff balls…. and more.
I was able to buy and fill 3 jars with these rainy day goodies for $15… just by splitting up the items I purchased into the 3 jars. $5 a gift… pretty darn awesome.
What you’ll need (You can add/adjust/take out whatever you’d like below):
– Large jar or large container
– Hot glue + hot glue gun
– Scissors
– Ribbon
The Rainy Day Jar printout.
– Kids scissors
– Poms 
– Play dough
– Glitter Glue
– Crayons
– Stickers
– Letter stickers
– Colorful Pipe Cleaners
– Popsicle sticks
– Suggest items you can add: paint, paint brushes, small coloring books, paper, pens, pencils……
– This little DIY is pretty self explanatory… BUT, pretty much you just shove all your rainy day items in the jar (or container) you find! I Took all my items out of their store packages and wrapped them in ribbon…. cuter.
– Cut out the Rainy Day Jar labels I provided (optional) and glue them on your container.
– Tie a ribbon around the top.
– Give away! That’s it!
Cost: about $5 a jar
Time: about 20 minutes each jar


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  • paula sherwood on said:

    This sounds so great to do.if they cost 5 pound to buy.how much to make? Were can i get the jars from.cant wait to start this

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