50 DIY days: Pretty package… recycled wrapping!

Day 27: A couple years ago I decided I no longer wanted to purchase wrapping paper. It’s SUPER costly and I feel like it’s a lot of waste (::tree hugger here::). The last time I purchased wrapping paper was about 3 years ago. What have I been using instead? Well…. paper bags…. newspapers… and more!
Even though I do try my best to always use my reusable bags at the grocery store…. sometimes I forget. SO, I have paper bags. Paper bags that just sit there. Not anymore! Turns out they are pretty perfect for wrapping pretty little packages! Not only are you reusing an item… but, you’re saving money. This could also be done with newspaper, old coloring book pages, magazine pages… get creative!
Try it! You’ll like it! ;D
Tip: Add a fold or two in the paper for a neat little touch. Glue on a doily. Use yarn instead of ribbon!


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