Wordless{ish} Wednesday: Shut Up and Eat.

{Noooo….. I’m not trying to be rude…. I’m talking about this delicious food cart my sis is trying out to cater her wedding next year: Shut Up and Eat. (She lives in New Zealand… so, we have to test things out for her… it’s terrible… ;D can’t wait for the cake! ;D)}
{So, Portland is sort of awesome (ok, really awesome) and MANY of our empty parking lots are now filling up with delicious food carts (and other sorts of carts… we saw a hair salon in the bunch). This particular food cart is off of Division in Portland. Shut Up and Eat is a little sandwich cart that will pretty much do any sort of catering you need! Delicious food at an affordable price. :D}
{We tried the Meatball Sub, the Old Style Eggplant, the Classic Pan Fried Chicken Cutlet, and the Broad St. Bomber. My fave out of the bunch: the Chicken Cutlet… but, it was fried chicken… soooooo…..}

{Mine and Ruari’s fave: The Chicken Cutlet (I mean really…. it’s fried chicken on a sandwich… :O). And, I had chocolate covered bacon… not from Shut Up and Eat… but, from the cart next to it. Yum….}

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